Hi and welcome to our website about JLR Diagnostics and programming solutions. If you are Car owner or Independant Garage owner then we have the right tools and after sales suppport services to help your to do Diag and Coding and Programming.

UK Based   and Dhl Global Shipping to all places. 6 Years in JLR Supplier. You can do some functions with other tools but the Dealer Tools are the only tools that can do the job other tools cant do. We are a Dealer Software Solutions Provider with our own CCF Editor Software for Coding and Lock50 Tag Pro and Emulator for USA Locksmiths to get ignition on from eeprom dump of KVM with support from 2010 to 2021 Models no Soldering needed.

We also supply Keys and Coding Softwares and Laptops and VCI Devices for Many Brands.

Through Remote Login and Teamviwer we support coding chiptuning and CCF editing services. Once you have purchased a kit from us  we can do many advanced jobs for you via teamviwer and are able to resolve many problems without a visit to the Dealer.  

We can code Used and New parts using SDD Pathfinder and allow you to  reuse parts from breakers and use our tools to program them and get the Vehicles working.