CCF file Parameters you can mod with Seed Code Calc with Sdd and Pathfinder and topix cloud

Monday, March 18, 2024
by Oliveston Ltd

MDF # Parameter Parameter Description Value Option
0x0127 1 EUCD001 VEHICLE TYPE 0x03 L551
0x0137 2 EUCD002 DOORS 0x02 5 Door
0x0147 3 EUCD003 I.C. Engine TRANSMISSION - DRIVELINE 0x03 All Wheel Drive (With disconnect)
0x0157 4 EUCD004 BIFUEL 0x01 Not Bifuel
0x0167 5 EUCD005 ENGINE TYPE 0x9C AJ200P OR AJ21-P4 2.0 litre (4 Cylinder)
0x0177 6 EUCD006 FUEL 0x01 Petrol
0x0187 7 EUCD007 ALTERNATOR 0x0D Alternator 180A V
0x0227 9 EUCD008 STEERING WHEEL POSITION 0x01 Left Hand Drive
0x0237 10 EUCD009 GEARBOX 0x00 Not supported
0x0247 11 EUCD010 GEARBOXTYPE 0x02 Automatic gearbox
0x0257 12 EUCD011 FUEL TANK VOLUME 0x0B Fuel Tank Small (50L)
0x0267 13 EUCD012 ALARM 0x02 Alarm
0x0277 14 EUCD013 SEAT MASSAGE 0x01 Seat Massage not Fitted
0x0287 15 EUCD014 HEADLIGHTS TYPE 0x0A Matrix LED AFS123/IHB
0x0327 17 EUCD015 HEADLIGHTS SYMMETRY 0x00 Not Supported
0x0337 18 EUCD016 DAYRUNNING LIGHT 0x02 Standard dipped light. (Non-DTRL)
0x0347 19 EUCD017 DIMMED DIPPED HEADLIGHTS 0x00 Not supported
0x0357 20 EUCD018 FOGLIGHT FUNCTION 0x01 Without foglight
0x0367 21 EUCD019 REAR FOGLIGHT TOW FUNCTION 0x00 Not supported
0x0377 22 EUCD020 TRAILER MODULE 0x00 Not supported
0x0387 23 EUCD021 KEYLESS ENTRY AND START 0x02 Keyless Entry And Start
0x0427 25 EUCD022 ADDITIONAL HEATER 0x01 Without fuel fired heater
0x0437 26 EUCD023 CRUISE CONTROL 0x04 Adaptive Cruise Control Stop & Go
0x0447 27 EUCD024 RAINSENSOR 0x00 Not supported
0x0457 28 EUCD025 HEADLIGHT CLEANING 0x00 Not supported
0x0467 29 EUCD026 POWER STEERING TYPE 0x0A Electric Power Steering with external angle and torque control only for JLR
0x0477 30 EUCD027 TRIP COMPUTER 0x00 Not supported
0x0487 31 EUCD028 PRIVATE LOCKING TRUNK 0x00 Not supported
0x0527 33 EUCD029 CHILD LOCK. REAR DOORS 0x03 Electrical child lock rear doors
0x0537 34 EUCD030 UNLOCK SETTING 0x02 Two step opening
0x0547 35 EUCD031 ACKNOWL. SIGNAL LOCK/ALARM 0x00 Not supported
0x0557 36 EUCD032 AUTOMATIC LOCKING BY SPEED 0x00 Not supported
0x0567 37 EUCD033 LEVEL SENSOR - IF ALARM 0x01 Without level sensor
0x0577 38 EUCD034 Key lock in Protection2 EXT 0x04 Ext scan for key prior/post to tailgate closure - both options 2 and 3 above
0x0587 39 EUCD035 Key lock in Protection INT 0x03 Interior Scan for ANY KEY IN VEHICLE to prevent clash of scans between additional key and any key
0x0627 41 EUCD036 PANIC ALARM 0x00 Not supported
0x0637 42 EUCD037 BLIND SPOT INFORMATION SYSTEM 0x03 Blind Spot Information System With Radar Direct LED
0x0647 43 EUCD038 ROAD FRICTION DETECTION 0x00 Not supported
0x0657 44 EUCD039 PTC HEATER (SUPPLEMENTARY AIR HEATER) 0x01 Without PTC heater
0x0667 45 EUCD040 BATTERY REAR 0x00 Not supported
0x0677 46 EUCD041 COUPE FILTER 0x00 Not supported
0x0687 47 EUCD042 CLIMATE CONTROL UNIT 0x09 Dual Zone ATC
0x0727 49 EUCD043 SPEED LIMITATION 0x00 Not supported
0x0737 50 EUCD044 SPEED WARNING DEVICE 0x00 Not supported
0x0747 51 EUCD045 INSTRUMENT CLUSTER CALIBRATION 0x00 Not supported
0x0757 52 EUCD046 WHEEL BRAKES TYPE FRONT 0x00 Not supported
0x0767 53 EUCD047 INTERIOR MOTION SENSOR 0x01 Without Interior Movement Sensor
0x0777 54 EUCD048 HEARTBEAT SENSOR 0x00 Not supported
0x0787 55 EUCD049 HEATED REAR SEAT 0x01 Without Heated Rear Seat
0x0827 57 EUCD050 TELEPHONE 0x00 Not supported
0x0837 58 EUCD051 TYRE CIRCUMFERENCE 0x00 Not supported
0x0847 59 EUCD052 SERVICE INTERVAL 0x00 Not supported
0x0857 60 EUCD053 SEAT HEAT CALIBRATION 0x20 Low 40 Mid 44 and High 53
0x0867 61 EUCD054 HEATED FRONT SEATS 0x01 Without Heated Front Seats
0x0877 62 EUCD055 FRONT SEAT VENTILATION 0x01 Without Ventilated Seat
0x0887 63 EUCD056 CALLSTART OF PARKING HEATER 0x01 Not Fitted
0x0927 65 EUCD057 PARKING BRAKE TYPE 0x00 Not supported
0x0937 66 EUCD058 HEATED WINDSCREEN 0x01 No Heated Frontscreen/wiper park/heated jets
0x0947 67 EUCD059 PARKING ASSISTANCE 0x01 Without Parking Assistance
0x0957 68 EUCD060 HILL DESCENT CONTROL 0x00 Not supported
0x0967 69 EUCD061 SAFETY BELT REMINDER 0x00 Not supported
0x0977 70 EUCD062 BRAND 0x03 Land Rover
0x0987 71 EUCD063 FREQUENCY- REMOTE CONTROLS 0x24 Frequency 434 MHz
0x0A27 73 EUCD064 AIR CONDITION REAR 0x0A Rear End Console with vents
0x0A37 74 EUCD065 GLASS TYPE 0x02 IR protected windscreen glass
0x0A47 75 EUCD066 ROOF TYPE 0x02 Panorama roof
0x0A57 76 EUCD067 OCTANE RATING 0x00 Not supported
0x0A67 77 EUCD068 EMISSION STANDARD 0x00 Not supported
0x0A87 79 EUCD070 TYRE DIMENSION 0x55 205/55 R16 94V
0x0B27 81 EUCD071 FINAL DRIVE RATIO 0x68 4.544
0x0B47 83 EUCD073 LOUDSPEAKER QUANTITIES 0x00 Not supported
0x0B57 84 EUCD074 SUSPENSION 0x05 Coil Spring Suspension
0x0B77 86 EUCD076 TOWBAR 0x01 Without Trailer Tow Attachment
0x0B87 87 EUCD077 PDCSpeakers 0x00 Not supported
0x0C27 89 EUCD078 DRIVEN AXLE 0x00 Not supported
0x0C37 90 EUCD079 REAR WHEEL TYPE 0x00 Not supported
0x0C57 92 EUCD081 ACTIVE SUSPENSION 0x00 Not supported
0x0C67 93 EUCD082 STEERING GEAR 0x00 Not supported
0x0C77 94 EUCD083 CENTRAL LOCK TYPE 0x02 Double Locking
0x0C87 95 EUCD084 SIDE WINDOWS 0x01 Tempered Side Windows
0x0D27 97 EUCD085 REAR VIEW MIRRORS OUTER 0x02 With Retractable Mirrors
0x0D37 98 EUCD086 MEMORY FUNCTION 0x01 Without Memory
0x0D47 99 EUCD087 PUDDLE LIGHT OUTER MIRRORS 0x02 With Puddle Light
0x0D57 100 EUCD088 AUTO LIGHTS 0x00 Not supported
0x0D67 101 EUCD089 AIRBAG PASSENGER SIDE 0x00 Not supported
0x0D77 102 EUCD090 CUTOFF SWITCH PASSENGER AIRBAG 0x00 Not supported
0x0D87 103 EUCD091 SIDE AIRBAG (THORAX) DRIVER 0x00 Not supported
0x0E27 105 EUCD092 SIDE AIRBAG (THORAX) PASSENGER 0x00 Not supported
0x0E37 106 EUCD093 LANGUAGE 0x04 ENGLISH UK For Instrument and Radio
0x0E47 107 EUCD094 EL CAR HEATER 0x00 Not supported
0x0E57 108 EUCD095 CUPE VENTILATION 0x00 Not supported
0x0E67 109 EUCD096 COLLISION MITIGATION BY BRAKING 0x00 Not supported
0x0E77 110 EUCD097 FORWARD COLLISION WARNING 0x00 Not supported
0x0E87 111 EUCD098 LANE DEPARTURE WARNING 0x11 LDW Not Fitted & TSR Not Fitted
0x0F27 113 EUCD099 PARK ASSIST CAMERA 0x00 Not supported
0x0F37 114 EUCD100 12 VOLT OUTLET LUGGAGE 0x00 Not supported
0x0F47 115 EUCD101 TYRE PRESSURE MODE SYSTEM 0xA7 TPMS With WBL DLS & No HSPA & No WT (EU Legislation)
0x0F57 116 EUCD102 OIL LEVEL SENSOR 0x00 Not supported
0x0F67 117 EUCD103 ROLL STABILITY CONTROL 0x00 Not supported
0x0F77 118 EUCD104 EL VACUUM PUMP REAR BOOSTER 0x00 Not supported
0x0F87 119 EUCD105 WHEEL BRAKES TYPE REAR 0x00 Not supported
0x1027 121 EUCD106 EMERGENCY BRAKE LIGHT 0x04 Emergency Brake Light - Hazard Warn
0x1037 122 EUCD107 AUXILIARY LIGHTS 0x00 Not supported
0x1047 123 EUCD108 ROOF HATCH 0x02 No Roof Hatch
0x1057 124 EUCD109 POWER WINDOWS FRONT/REAR 0x02 DCU Powered Front and Rear Windows
0x1067 125 EUCD110 FREQUENCY BAND & STEP RADIO 0x05 Frequency Band And Step For Gulf States
0x1077 126 EUCD111 TRIMLEVEL 0x00 Not supported
0x1087 127 EUCD112 IN CAR ENTERTAINMENT 0x00 Not supported
0x1127 129 EUCD113 VOICE CONTROL 0x03 Advanced Speech Recognition
0x1137 130 EUCD114 SPEEDO BIAS 0x00 Not supported
0x1147 131 EUCD115 SPEED LOCK 0x00 Not supported
0x1157 132 EUCD116 CLUSTER LEVEL 0x00 Not supported
0x1167 133 EUCD117 SPEEDOMETER 0x00 Not supported
0x1177 134 EUCD118 TACHOGRAPH 0x00 Not supported
0x1187 135 EUCD119 RADIO AMP & SPEAKER SYSTEM 0x11 Audio Mid Performance (MP)
0x1227 137 EUCD120 CENTRE SPEAKER DASHBOARD 0x00 Not supported
0x1237 138 EUCD121 SUBWOOFER 0x01 Without Subwoofer
0x1247 139 EUCD122 HEADPHONE SOCKETS REAR 0x01 Without Headphone Outlets
0x1257 140 EUCD123 AUDIO AUXILIARY INPUT 0x00 Not supported
0x1267 141 EUCD124 AUDIO PLAYER 0x00 Not supported
0x1277 142 EUCD125 DIGITAL RADIO RECEIVER 0x00 Not supported
0x1287 143 EUCD126 MICROPHONE 0x02 Microphone (Driver Only)
0x1327 145 EUCD127 NAVIGATION SYSTEM 0x22 Navigation System For NGI
0x1337 146 EUCD128 PARKING BRAKE SWITCH 0x00 Not supported
0x1347 147 EUCD129 TERRAIN RESPONSE FITMENT 0x12 With Auto Terrain Response
0x1357 148 EUCD130 PAM SCAN PATTERN 0x02 Pattern 2: Dynamic
0x1367 149 EUCD131 FRONT PASSENGER SEAT BELT REMINDER 0x00 Not supported
0x1377 150 EUCD132 DRIVER KNEE BOLSTER 0x00 Not supported
0x1387 151 EUCD133 SIDE CURTAIN AIRBAGS 0x00 Not supported
0x1427 153 EUCD134 AIRBAG DRIVER SIDE 0x00 Not supported
0x1447 155 EUCD136 SEAT BELT WARNING 0x00 Not supported
0x1457 156 EUCD137 LEFT HAND SIDE LOAD DOOR 0x00 Not supported
0x1467 157 EUCD138 RIGHT HAND SIDE LOAD DOOR 0x00 Not supported
0x1477 158 EUCD139 REAR OPENING 0x00 Not supported
0x1487 159 EUCD140 PDCAutoActivationMenu 0x00 Not supported
0x1527 161 EUCD141 REAR GLAZING 0x03 Heated Rear Glass
0x1537 162 EUCD142 ROOF HEIGHT 0x00 Not supported
0x1547 163 EUCD143 REAR WASH WIPE 0x02 Intemittent Rear Wash Wipe
0x1557 164 EUCD144 POWER /HEATED MIRRORS 0x02 Short Arm Power/Heated Mirror
0x1567 165 EUCD145 AUTO RELOCKING 0x00 Not supported
0x1577 166 EUCD146 ZONAL OPPOSITE DOOR RELOCKING 0x00 Not supported
0x1587 167 EUCD147 AUDIBLE MISLOCK FEEDBACK 0x00 Not supported
0x1627 169 EUCD148 CONFIGURABLE UNLOCKING 0x00 Not supported
0x1637 170 EUCD149 HOMESAFE LIGHTING 0x00 Not supported
0x1647 171 EUCD150 AIR QUALITY SENSOR 0x01 Without Air Quality Sensor
0x1657 172 EUCD151 EMISSION EVAPORATION SYSTEM 0x00 Not supported
0x1667 173 EUCD152 HEADRESTS REAR FOLDING 0x00 Not supported
0x1677 174 EUCD153 EXTERNAL ALARM UNIT SUPPLY 0x00 Not supported
0x1687 175 EUCD154 ACCESSORY USB UNIT 0x07 With USB And iPod Function In IAM
0x1727 177 EUCD155 TRAFFIC INFORMATION 0x00 Not supported
0x1737 178 EUCD156 A/C COMPRESSOR TYPE 0x04 Externally controlled variable displacement clutched (ECVDC)
0x1747 179 EUCD157 BLUETOOTH HANDSFREE 0x0B Bluetooth Handsfree + Audio streaming + SMS
0x1757 180 EUCD158 OCCUPANT WEIGHT SENSOR (OWS) 0x00 Not supported
0x1767 181 EUCD159 REAR BELT DETECTION 0x00 Not supported
0x1777 182 EUCD160 PYRO TECHNICAL STEERING COLUMN 0x00 Not supported
0x1787 183 EUCD161 ADAPTIVE LOAD LIMITER FRONT 0x00 Not supported
0x1827 185 EUCD162 SEAT TRACK SENSORS 0x00 Not supported
0x1837 186 EUCD163 LAP BELT PRETENSIONER FRONT 0x00 Not supported
0x1847 187 EUCD164 FRONT CRASH SENSING SYSTEM 0x00 Not supported
0x1857 188 EUCD165 ADAPTIVE VENTILATION FRONT 0x00 Not supported
0x1867 189 EUCD166 FRONT DOOR WARNING LAMPS 0x01 Less Front Door Warning Lamps
0x1877 190 EUCD167 STALL APPLY 0x00 Not supported
0x1887 191 EUCD168 KEY OUT APPLY 0x02 Key Out Apply
0x1927 193 EUCD169 DRIVE AWAY RELEASE 0x02 Drive Away Release
0x1937 194 EUCD170 BATTERY SAVER TIME 0x00 Not supported
0x1947 195 EUCD171 HEATED STEERING WHEEL 0x01 Without Heated Steering Wheel
0x1957 196 EUCD172 FRONT CENTRE MOUNTED DISPLAY 0x00 Not supported
0x1967 197 EUCD173 REAR ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM 0x01 Rear Entertainment System Not Fitted
0x1977 198 EUCD174 TV TUNER 0x01 Without TV Tuner
0x1987 199 EUCD175 SPEECH CONTROL LANGUAGE 0x00 Not supported
0x1A27 201 EUCD176 DOOR HANDLE TECHNOLOGY 0x07 deployable handle (front and rear)
0x1A37 202 EUCD177 SELF OPENING BOOTLID/TAILGATE 0x03 Single piece Power Open/Close Tailgate with Soft Close - Full System
0x1A47 203 EUCD178 SHIFT INDICATION 0x00 Not supported
0x1A57 204 EUCD179 NEUTRAL CONTROL AUTO. GEAR 0x00 Not supported
0x1A67 205 EUCD180 RPM SPEED CONTROLLER 0x00 Not supported
0x1A77 206 EUCD181 DAMP SENSOR 0x03 Damp Sensor (combined sensor CAN to climate control ECU)
0x1A87 207 EUCD182 ASTHMA AND ALLERGY 0x00 Not supported
0x1B27 209 EUCD183 ENGINE COOLING FAN PERFORMANCE 0x08 Electric Fan(s)
0x1B37 210 EUCD184 GLOBAL OPEN/CLOSE 0x00 Not supported
0x1B47 211 EUCD185 TRIP COMPUTER MIXED UNITS 0x01 MPL Units Not Available For Selection By Driver
0x1B57 212 EUCD186 DOOR REMOTE CONTROL CHANNEL TYPE 0x02 Door Remote Multi Channel
0x1B67 213 EUCD187 AUDIO BUTTONS STEERING WHEEL 0x02 Audio Buttons In Steering Wheel
0x1B77 214 EUCD188 HANDSFREE TELEMUTE FUNCTION 0x00 Not supported
0x1B87 215 EUCD189 Shift into Park Apply 0x04 Shift into Park Apply Enabled Shift out of Park Release Enabled
0x1C27 217 EUCD190 Rear Door Sunblinds 0x01 Without Rear Door Blinds
0x1C37 218 EUCD191 DRIVER IMPAIRMENT MONITOR 0x00 Not supported
0x1C47 219 EUCD192 CITY SAFETY 0x00 Not supported
0x1C57 220 EUCD193 PSS Warning Strategy 0x02 Dual Level Strategy
0x1C67 221 EUCD194 Mirror mounted turn signal 0x02 Mirror mounted turn signal
0x1C77 222 EUCD195 Hybrid Trip Computer Power Ratio 0x01 0.1556 (Full Hybrid Diesel)
0x1C87 223 EUCD196 Non-Contact Tailgate 0x00 Undefined
0x1D27 225 EUCD197 Climate Zone User Layout 0x02 2 Temperature 1 Distribution 1 Blower
0x1D37 226 EUCD198 Eco Info System 0x15 Normal Vehicle - Imperial Gallon - 5 Seats
0x1D47 227 EUCD199 NIGHTVISION 0x00 Not Configured
0x1D57 228 EUCD200 Telematics 1 0x1F Telematics TCU fitted
0x1D67 229 EUCD201 REVERSE GEAR CHIME 0x01 Less Reverse Gear Chime
0x1D77 230 EUCD202 Solar Sensor 0x03 Front - Dual Zone : Rear - Not Fitted
0x1D87 231 EUCD203 Telematics Protection 0x03 Telematics Protected
0x1E27 233 EUCD204 RETRACTABLE RUNNING BOARD 0x00 Not supported
0x1E37 234 EUCD205 RACING SUB BRAND 0x01 Mainstream Vehicle
0x1E47 235 EUCD206 Driver Workload Manager 0x01 Disabled
0x1E57 236 EUCD207 FRONT CAMERA 0x00 Not supported
0x1E77 238 EUCD209 Wade Sensing 0x01 (0001) Wade Sensing Not Fitted
0x1E87 239 EUCD210 BATTERY 0x13 H7 80Ah 800 Cold Cranking Ampere AGM
0x1F27 241 EUCD211 BATTERY MONITOR SENSOR 0x02 Battery Monitor Sensor
0x1F37 242 EUCD212 REGION IF DVD 0x00 Not supported
0x1F47 243 EUCD213 Eco Data (Driver Information Display) 0x05 Function enabled (Display Information level 4)
0x1F57 244 EUCD214 INTEGRATED CONTROL PANEL 0x00 Not supported
0x1F67 245 EUCD215 Infotainment Theft Protection 0x00 Not supported
0x1F77 246 EUCD216 Quiescent Relay Box 0x03 BCMLatch function enabled
0x1F87 247 EUCD217 PICTURE SUPPORT 0x00 Not supported
0x2027 249 EUCD218 IGOR System Description 0x01 2 Relay with Dumb logic
0x2037 250 EUCD219 LANGUAGE REGION 0x01 Without Language Region
0x2047 251 EUCD220 SIDE CAMERA 0x00 Not supported
0x2057 252 EUCD221 Trailer Tyre Press Monitoring System 0x00 Not supported
0x2067 253 EUCD222 STOP/START 0x02 Stop/Start
0x2077 254 EUCD223 Head Up Display 0x01 HUD Not fitted
0x2087 255 EUCD224 ADJUSTABLE SPEED LIMITER 0x02 ASL fitted
0x2127 257 EUCD225 Advanced Chauffeur Function 0x01 AFC not Fitted
0x2137 258 EUCD226 Intelligent Emergency Braking 0x00 Not Supported
0x2147 259 EUCD227 4x4 Information Display 0x02 Enabled
0x2157 260 EUCD228 Audible Alarm Mode 0x02 Enabled (Use available sounder)
0x2167 261 EUCD229 Model Year 0x35 2023
0x2177 262 EUCD230 Crash Event Data Recording 0x00 Undefined error condition if used
0x2187 263 EUCD231 Door Latch Type 0x02 Unilatch
0x2227 265 EUCD232 Auxillary Water Pump 0x02 Auxillary Water Pump fitted
0x2237 266 EUCD233 Part Number Format 0x00 Undefined error condition if used
0x2247 267 EUCD234 Conversation Assist 0x01 Without Conversation Assist
0x2257 268 EUCD235 Navigation ECO Route - URBAN data 0x00 Undefined error condition if used
0x2267 269 EUCD236 Navigation ECO Route - EXTRA URBAN data 0x00 Undefined error condition if used
0x2277 270 EUCD237 Transfer Box 0x02 Single Speed with controller
0x2287 271 EUCD238 Active Roll Control 0x01 ARC Not Fitted
0x2327 273 EUCD239 Rear Diff 0x01 Rear e-diff not fitted
0x2337 274 EUCD240 Ambient Lighting 0x04 Tri colour fitted auto button disabled
0x2347 275 EUCD241 Navigation Speed Inhibit 0x00 Undefined error condition if used
0x2357 276 EUCD242 Passive Locking Error Tones 0x01 Chirps off
0x2367 277 EUCD243 Handbook 0x00 Undefined error condition if used
0x2377 278 EUCD244 Connect and View 0x0C CE App Projection Features - CarPlay Android Auto Fitted Only
0x2387 279 EUCD245 Dynamic-i 0x01 Dynamic-i Not Fitted
0x2427 281 EUCD246 AHB system 0x00 Error condition
0x2437 282 EUCD247 Off Road Navigation 0x00 Undefined error condition if used
0x2447 283 EUCD248 Audio Brand 0x01 No audio branding
0x2457 284 EUCD249 Video Display Inhibit 0x10 Allow video with vehicle speed 0kph only
0x2467 285 EUCD250 Passenger Seat Module 0x00 Undefined error condition if used
0x2477 286 EUCD251 Telematics 2 0x3C InControl Protect and InControl Connect Pro (Telematics and NGI Connectivity) TCU2 or TCU3(H)
0x2487 287 EUCD252 Alternator : Crank rotation ratio 0x06 2.85:1
0x4122 289 MultiCAN449 CameraHMIStrategy 0x00 Not Supported
0x4125 289 MultiCAN449 InfotainmentType 0x00 Not Supported
0x4127 289 MultiCAN449 ThirdRowChiller 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4132 290 MultiCAN450 WindowCalibration 0x00 Not Supported
0x4135 290 MultiCAN450 WindowOpFeedback 0x01 Hall Sensors
0x4137 290 MultiCAN450 TrunkLmpOutput 0x00 Not supported
0x4141 291 MultiCAN451 FntDIFbdkMech 0x02 BCM receives fault data via LIN
0x4144 291 MultiCAN451 DriverPassBeltPret 0x01 Without Drv and Pass Belt Buckle Pretensioners
0x4147 291 MultiCAN451 mPACOS 0x03 With Menu Driven Passenger Airbag Cut-off Switch (mPACOS)
0x4151 292 MultiCAN452 RightSideAirbag 0x02 With Right Side Airbag
0x4153 292 MultiCAN452 LeftSideAirbag 0x02 With Left Side Airbag
0x4155 292 MultiCAN452 DriverKneeAirbag 0x01 Without Driver Knee Airbag
0x4157 292 MultiCAN452 PassOccWghtSensor 0x01 Without Passenger Occupant Weight Sensor
0x4162 293 MultiCAN453 PADLamp 0x03 With Dual PAD Lamps
0x4165 293 MultiCAN453 RollOverSensing 0x02 with RoSe 2
0x4167 293 MultiCAN453 LeftRearHeadAbag 0x01 Without Left Rear Head Airbag
0x4171 294 MultiCAN454 RightRearHeadAbag 0x01 Without Right Rear Head Airbag
0x4173 294 MultiCAN454 LeftCurtainAirbag 0x02 With Left Curtain Airbag
0x4175 294 MultiCAN454 RightCurtainAirbag 0x02 With Right Curtain Airbag
0x4177 294 MultiCAN454 DeplBatterySystem 0x01 Without Deployable Battery System
0x4181 295 MultiCAN455 DriverBuckleSwitch 0x02 With Driver Buckle Switch
0x4183 295 MultiCAN455 PassBuckleSwitch 0x02 With Passenger Buckle Switch
0x4185 295 MultiCAN455 EventDataRecorder 0x02 With Event Data Recorder
0x4187 295 MultiCAN455 DriverSwtchLdLimit 0x01 Without Driver Load Limit
0x4221 297 MultiCAN456 PassSwtchLdLimit 0x01 Without Passenger Load Limit
0x4223 297 MultiCAN456 DriverAnchorPret 0x01 Without Driver Anchor Pretensioner
0x4225 297 MultiCAN456 PassAnchorPret 0x01 Without Passenger Anchor Pretensioner
0x4227 297 MultiCAN456 CollSteerColumn 0x01 Without Collapsible Steering Column
0x4231 298 MultiCAN457 RowTwoRestraints 0x01 Without All Row 2 Restraints
0x4233 298 MultiCAN457 RowThreeRestraints 0x01 Without All Row 3 Restraints
0x4235 298 MultiCAN457 DepRollHoops 0x01 Without Deployable Roll Hoops
0x4237 298 MultiCAN457 BonnetDepAct 0x01 Without Bonnet Deployment Actuator
0x4241 299 MultiCAN458 BonnetPyroLatch 0x01 Without Bonnet Pyro Latch
0x4243 299 MultiCAN458 PedAirbag 0x01 Without Pedestrian Airbag
0x4245 299 MultiCAN458 SunsetClause 0x01 Sunset Clause - disabled
0x4247 299 MultiCAN458 DippedBeamTelltale 0x02 DippedBeamTelltale - enabled
0x4251 300 MultiCAN459 DRLVoltCtrl 0x01 DRLs - voltage control- disabled
0x4253 300 MultiCAN459 FrntPosLmpVoltCtrl 0x01 Front position lamps - voltage control - disabled
0x4255 300 MultiCAN459 DipBeamVoltCtrl 0x01 Dipped beams - voltage control - disabled
0x4257 300 MultiCAN459 MainBeamVoltCtrl 0x01 Main beams - voltage control - disabled
0x4261 301 MultiCAN460 AuxFrntLmpVoltCtrl 0x01 Auxilliary front lamps - voltage control - disabled
0x4263 301 MultiCAN460 FrntFogVoltCtrl 0x01 Front fogs - voltage control - disabled
0x4265 301 MultiCAN460 FrntDirIndVoltCtrl 0x01 Front direction indicators - voltage control - disabled
0x4267 301 MultiCAN460 CornerLmpVoltCtrl 0x01 Cornering lamps - voltage control - disabled
0x4271 302 MultiCAN461 StcBendLmpVoltCtrl 0x01 Static bending lamps - voltage control - disabled
0x4273 302 MultiCAN461 FrntSidMrkVoltCtrl 0x01 Front side markers - voltage control - disabled
0x4275 302 MultiCAN461 RearPosLmpVoltCtrl 0x01 Rear position lamps - voltage control - disabled
0x4277 302 MultiCAN461 StopLmpVoltCtrl 0x01 Stop lamps - voltage control - disabled
0x4281 303 MultiCAN462 ReverseLmpVoltCtrl 0x01 Reverse lamps - voltage control - disabled
0x4283 303 MultiCAN462 HiMtStpLmpVoltCtrl 0x01 High mounted stop lamps - voltage control - disabled
0x4285 303 MultiCAN462 RearFogVoltCtrl 0x01 Rear fogs - voltage control - disabled
0x4287 303 MultiCAN462 RearDirIndVoltCtrl 0x01 Rear direction indicators - voltage control - disabled
0x4322 305 MultiCAN463 SeatTrkPostnSensor 0x01 No Seat Track Position Sensor (STPS)
0x4325 305 MultiCAN463 DRLBehWhilstDIsAct 0x03 Turn Off
0x4327 305 MultiCAN463 RearSidMrkVoltCtrl 0x01 Rear side markers - voltage control - disabled
0x4332 306 MultiCAN464 PosBehWhilstDIsAct 0x03 Turn Off
0x4335 306 MultiCAN464 SMBehWhilstDIsAct 0x01 No Action
0x4337 306 MultiCAN464 NumPlatLmpVoltCtrl 0x01 Number plate lamps - voltage control - disabled
0x4342 307 MultiCAN465 DRLBehWhHazardsAct 0x03 Turn Off
0x4345 307 MultiCAN465 PosBehWhilstHazAct 0x03 Turn Off
0x4347 307 MultiCAN465 RearAVIOPanel 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4352 308 MultiCAN466 SMBehWhilstHazAct 0x01 No Action
0x4355 308 MultiCAN466 RearPosBehWhDIAct 0x01 Rear Position Light remains on during DI activation
0x4357 308 MultiCAN466 TouchPanel 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4363 309 MultiCAN467 FrntDispVariant 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4367 309 MultiCAN467 RearDispVariant 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4372 310 MultiCAN468 FrontAVIOPanel 0x06 Mid Line Fitted with SIM (USB with OTG and SIM)
0x4374 310 MultiCAN468 CabinCamera 0x00 Not Supported
0x4377 310 MultiCAN468 FntDRLType 0x04 Incorporated DRL and Pos
0x4382 311 MultiCAN469 PDCAutoActivation 0x00 Not Supported
0x4384 311 MultiCAN469 OutboardVents 0x00 Not Supported
0x4387 311 MultiCAN469 BluRayRegion 0x00 Not supported
0x4421 313 MultiCAN470 RemoteStartCapable 0x01 Vehicle supports RES
0x4424 313 MultiCAN470 DRLMLSInteraction 0x01 Switch off with position lamps or greater
0x4427 313 MultiCAN470 DRLTransInteraction 0x01 Stay ON in park or neutral
0x4432 314 MultiCAN471 LowBeamFdbkMech 0x04 BCM receives fault data via LIN + Tell Tale
0x4435 314 MultiCAN471 MainBeamFdbkMech 0x02 BCM receives fault data via LIN
0x4437 314 MultiCAN471 PwrTailProxSenPAM 0x00 Not supported
0x4442 315 MultiCAN472 BCMCtrlAmbLitSet 0x01 BCM does not control default values
0x4445 315 MultiCAN472 DriverPassRetractor 0x04 With Drv and Pass Retractor
0x4447 315 MultiCAN472 StealthMode 0x02 Enabled
0x4451 316 MultiCAN473 QRBPowerPAM 0x00 Not Supported
0x4454 316 MultiCAN473 DriverFrontAirbag 0x02 With Driver Front Airbag Stage 1 only
0x4457 316 MultiCAN473 PassFrontAirbag 0x02 With Passenger Front Airbag Stage 1 only
0x4463 317 MultiCAN474 BumperType 0x01 Pattern 1 - (N/A)
0x4467 317 MultiCAN474 TPMSVariant 0x00 Not supported
0x4473 318 MultiCAN475 DLNAStatus 0x00 Not Supported
0x4477 318 MultiCAN475 Gracenotes 0x07 North America
0x4487 319 MultiCAN476 ATPC 0x10 HDC and LSPC
0x4522 321 MultiCAN477 FntSdMkrFdbkMech 0x02 BCM receives fault data via LIN
0x4525 321 MultiCAN477 FntPosFdbkMech 0x02 BCM receives fault data via LIN
0x4527 321 MultiCAN477 RearLoadHeightCtrl 0x00 Not supported
0x4532 322 MultiCAN478 DRLFdbkMech 0x02 BCM receives fault data via LIN
0x4535 322 MultiCAN478 CnrLmpFdbkMech 0x02 BCM receives fault data via LIN
0x4537 322 MultiCAN478 EDiffMtrBrk 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4542 323 MultiCAN479 FntFogFdbkMech 0x01 BCM detects faults directly
0x4545 323 MultiCAN479 RrSdMkFdbkMech 0x01 BCM detects faults directly
0x4547 323 MultiCAN479 NavFullMapDisplay 0x02 Enabled
0x4552 324 MultiCAN480 StpLmpFdbkMech 0x01 BCM detects faults directly
0x4555 324 MultiCAN480 RrDIFdbkMech 0x01 BCM detects faults directly
0x4557 324 MultiCAN480 EBoxFan 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4562 325 MultiCAN481 RearPosFdbkMech 0x01 BCM detects faults directly
0x4565 325 MultiCAN481 RearFogFdbkMech 0x01 BCM detects faults directly
0x4567 325 MultiCAN481 StpLmpOnefail 0x01 One fail all fail Strategy disabled
0x4572 326 MultiCAN482 RevLmpFdbkMech 0x01 BCM detects faults directly
0x4575 326 MultiCAN482 FntSdMkrDrvMech 0x02 Driven via LIN
0x4577 326 MultiCAN482 IntelEmrgBrkingPAEB 0x01 PAEB Not Fitted
0x4582 327 MultiCAN483 FntPosDrvMech 0x02 Driven via LIN
0x4585 327 MultiCAN483 DRLDrvMech 0x02 Driven via LIN
0x4587 327 MultiCAN483 ATCIPC 0x00 Not supported
0x4622 329 MultiCAN484 CnrLmpDrvMech 0x02 Driven via LIN
0x4625 329 MultiCAN484 FntFogDrvMech 0x01 Driven via BCM
0x4627 329 MultiCAN484 RrPassRrExtDetect 0x00 Not supported
0x4632 330 MultiCAN485 LowBeamDrvMech 0x01 Driven via BCM
0x4635 330 MultiCAN485 HighBeamDrvMech 0x01 Driven via BCM
0x4637 330 MultiCAN485 SideSwipeMitigation 0x02 SideSwipeMitigation fitted
0x4642 331 MultiCAN486 FntDIDrvMech 0x01 Driven via BCM
0x4645 331 MultiCAN486 RrSdMkDrvMech 0x01 Driven via BCM
0x4647 331 MultiCAN486 BrakeOverheatWarn 0x02 Brake overheat warning enabled
0x4652 332 MultiCAN487 StpLmpDrvMech 0x01 Driven via BCM
0x4655 332 MultiCAN487 RrDIDrvMech 0x01 Driven via BCM
0x4657 332 MultiCAN487 ESSStationSound 0x01 Stationary Sound Disabled
0x4662 333 MultiCAN488 RearPosDrvMech 0x01 Driven via BCM
0x4665 333 MultiCAN488 RearFogDrvMech 0x01 Driven via BCM
0x4667 333 MultiCAN488 ESSSimGearShift 0x00 Not supported
0x4672 334 MultiCAN489 RevLmpDrvMech 0x01 Driven via BCM
0x4675 334 MultiCAN489 ExLightingStalkTyp 0x02 Momemtary Switch ECE
0x4677 334 MultiCAN489 ESSPause 0x01 ESS Pause Switch Disabled
0x4685 335 MultiCAN490 FntFogProfile 0x01 Diagnostic Profile 1
0x4687 335 MultiCAN490 IPCOilLvlMenuActiv 0x01 Oil level menu not present
0x4725 337 MultiCAN491 CHMSLProfile 0x05 Diagnostic Profile 5
0x4727 337 MultiCAN491 NavBtnFCIM 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4735 338 MultiCAN492 FntDRLProfile 0x01 Diagnostic Profile 1
0x4737 338 MultiCAN492 ExtSyntheticSounder 0x01 ESS Not Fitted
0x4745 339 MultiCAN493 FntSMProfile 0x01 Diagnostic Profile 1
0x4747 339 MultiCAN493 NLIAudioAmp 0x00 Not supported
0x4755 340 MultiCAN494 FntPosProfile 0x01 Diagnostic Profile 1
0x4757 340 MultiCAN494 TrajectoryLines 0x00 Not supported
0x4765 341 MultiCAN495 FntDIProfile 0x01 Diagnostic Profile 1
0x4767 341 MultiCAN495 P4UBtnFACP 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4772 342 MultiCAN496 PCMEWULine 0x02 PCM Early Wake Up Line Fitted
0x4775 342 MultiCAN496 RowTwoSquabRelAct 0x01 Without Row 2 Squab release actuator
0x4777 342 MultiCAN496 PassAirbagVent 0x01 Without Passenger Airbag Adaptive Vent
0x4781 343 MultiCAN497 FwdCollWarnAEB 0x01 FCW not fitted
0x4783 343 MultiCAN497 IntelEmerBrkingCUIEB 0x01 IEB not fitted
0x4785 343 MultiCAN497 DrvDrowsyMonDDM 0x01 DDM not fitted
0x4787 343 MultiCAN497 IntelSpdLimitISL 0x01 ISL not fitted
0x4821 345 MultiCAN498 LaneKeepAssistLKA 0x02 LKA fitted
0x4823 345 MultiCAN498 Personalisation 0x00 Not supported
0x4825 345 MultiCAN498 ChauPersonalisation 0x00 Not supported
0x4827 345 MultiCAN498 Gliding 0x01 Disabled
0x4837 346 MultiCAN499 NGINLIDigRadRecSys 0x01 Without Digital Radio with 1 channel Analogue Radio
0x4841 347 MultiCAN500 PDCBtnFCIM 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4843 347 MultiCAN500 DistribPlayback 0x00 Not supported
0x4845 347 MultiCAN500 IntStoreIMC 0x00 Not supported
0x4847 347 MultiCAN500 IntStoreISC 0x00 Not supported
0x4853 348 MultiCAN501 FntOptDiskDrive 0x01 No ODD
0x4857 348 MultiCAN501 CDiffType 0x00 Not supported
0x4863 349 MultiCAN502 FuelPumpType 0x01 Gasoline FPDM
0x4867 349 MultiCAN502 EDTType 0x00 Not supported
0x4872 350 MultiCAN503 TCUConnectivity 0x04 WiFi only Connectivity (without Cellular)
0x4875 350 MultiCAN503 ConnectInfoStatus 0x02 CI Framework Active
0x4877 350 MultiCAN503 IntelCruiseCtrl 0x00 Not supported
0x4881 351 MultiCAN504 ElecDepTowBar 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4883 351 MultiCAN504 TrailerLightMod 0x02 Fitted
0x4885 351 MultiCAN504 NoseLoadMeasure 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4887 351 MultiCAN504 TRMFitment 0x00 Not supported
0x4921 353 MultiCAN505 TrailerLightTest 0x00 Not supported
0x4923 353 MultiCAN505 DSSOffRoadOperation 0x00 Not supported
0x4925 353 MultiCAN505 DepSideSteps 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4927 353 MultiCAN505 WalkAwayLocking 0x01 Not Enabled
0x4932 354 MultiCAN506 KeyFobTechnology 0x03 UWBPEPS
0x4934 354 MultiCAN506 RestrictSunroofOpen 0x01 Unrestricted
0x4937 354 MultiCAN506 ClusterAlertGFX 0x01 Generic Warning Display
0x4941 355 MultiCAN507 PedProtectSystem 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4943 355 MultiCAN507 CameraBtnFCIM 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4945 355 MultiCAN507 DualViewBtnFCIM 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4947 355 MultiCAN507 RearExitDetect 0x00 Not supported
0x4952 356 MultiCAN508 DriverDoorLock 0x04 Lock & Unlock Only
0x4954 356 MultiCAN508 AutoAccessHeight 0x00 Not supported
0x4957 356 MultiCAN508 PassDoorLock 0x02 Lock Only
0x4961 357 MultiCAN509 ECOmodeText 0x00 Not supported
0x4964 357 MultiCAN509 RLPassDoorLock 0x01 No Switch Fitted
0x4967 357 MultiCAN509 RRPassDoorLock 0x01 No Switch Fitted
0x4972 358 MultiCAN510 AirIonizer 0x01 Front and Rear Air Ionizer not fitted
0x4975 358 MultiCAN510 SoftCloseDoors 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4977 358 MultiCAN510 VehicleLocator 0x02 Enabled
0x4981 359 MultiCAN511 TelLock 0x02 Enabled
0x4983 359 MultiCAN511 WinGblClTelLock 0x02 Enabled
0x4985 359 MultiCAN511 SunGblClTelLock 0x00 Not supported
0x4987 359 MultiCAN511 TelUnlock 0x02 Enabled
0x4A21 361 MultiCAN512 VASSensorOvride 0x02 Enabled
0x4A23 361 MultiCAN512 TelAlarmReset 0x02 Enabled
0x4A25 361 MultiCAN512 PwrTailProxSenPEPS 0x01 Power tailgate with Proximity Sensing not fitted
0x4A27 361 MultiCAN512 PwrTailKickSen 0x01 Power tailgate with Kick Sensing not fitted
0x4A32 362 MultiCAN513 DriverDoorLockLED 0x02 Global
0x4A35 362 MultiCAN513 PassDoorLockLED 0x02 Global
0x4A37 362 MultiCAN513 2ndRowLoadSpace 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4A42 363 MultiCAN514 RLPassDoorLockLED 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4A45 363 MultiCAN514 RRPassDoorLockLED 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4A47 363 MultiCAN514 StopStartInhibitIcon 0x02 Stop Start Inhibited Icon enabled (CFSS)
0x4A55 364 MultiCAN515 FntLowBeamProfile 0x01 Diagnostic Profile 1
0x4A57 364 MultiCAN515 HeightDataInputSelection 0x01 Height via Analogue Height sensors
0x4A65 365 MultiCAN516 RearStopProfile 0x09 Diagnostic Profile 9
0x4A67 365 MultiCAN516 HUDNavigation 0x02 Fitted
0x4A75 366 MultiCAN517 RearPosProfile 0x05 Diagnostic Profile 5
0x4A77 366 MultiCAN517 ActiveVanes 0x01 No ActiveVanes fitted
0x4A85 367 MultiCAN518 RearSMProfile 0x01 Diagnostic Profile 1
0x4A87 367 MultiCAN518 ArmouredVehicle 0x01 Standard
0x4B25 369 MultiCAN519 NumberPlateProfile 0x05 Diagnostic Profile 5
0x4B27 369 MultiCAN519 BMSColdClimateMode 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4B35 370 MultiCAN520 RearFogProfile 0x0C Diagnostic Profile 12
0x4B37 370 MultiCAN520 BrakeSystemTypeTVB 0x02 Fitted
0x4B45 371 MultiCAN521 RearReverseProfile 0x0C Diagnostic Profile 12
0x4B47 371 MultiCAN521 BrakeSystemTypeSCS 0x00 Not supported
0x4B55 372 MultiCAN522 RearDIProfile 0x05 Diagnostic Profile 5
0x4B57 372 MultiCAN522 BrakeSystemTypeDSC 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4B65 373 MultiCAN523 FntHighBeamProfile 0x01 Diagnostic Profile 1
0x4B67 373 MultiCAN523 CentreDiffLock 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4B75 374 MultiCAN524 CornerLampProfile 0x01 Diagnostic Profile 1
0x4B77 374 MultiCAN524 2CAS 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4B82 375 MultiCAN525 CHMSLFdbkMech 0x01 BCM detects faults directly
0x4B85 375 MultiCAN525 NumplateFdbkMech 0x01 BCM detects faults directly
0x4B87 375 MultiCAN525 ARC 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4C22 377 MultiCAN526 CHMSLDrvMech 0x01 Driven via BCM
0x4C25 377 MultiCAN526 NumplateDrvMech 0x01 Driven via BCM
0x4C27 377 MultiCAN526 SAS 0x02 Fitted
0x4C33 378 MultiCAN527 PolePairsFntOnly 0x02 48 Pole Pairs
0x4C37 378 MultiCAN527 PolePairsRearOnly 0x02 48 Pole Pairs
0x4C42 379 MultiCAN528 RideHeight 0x00 Not supported
0x4C45 379 MultiCAN528 ActiveExhaust 0x01 System not fitted
0x4C47 379 MultiCAN528 2CAL 0x00 Not supported
0x4C55 380 MultiCAN529 ColmnDwnExtProfile 0x00 Not supported
0x4C57 380 MultiCAN529 CoilCoil 0x02 Fitted
0x4C65 381 MultiCAN530 ColmnExtProfile 0x00 Not supported
0x4C67 381 MultiCAN530 GearShiftIndicator 0x02 Fitted
0x4C75 382 MultiCAN531 ColmnRetractProfile 0x00 Not supported
0x4C77 382 MultiCAN531 DieselSoundQuality 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4C85 383 MultiCAN532 ColmnUpRetractProfile 0x00 Not supported
0x4C87 383 MultiCAN532 WheelBase 0x01 Standard
0x4D25 385 MultiCAN533 LampSupplyLeftProfile 0x01 Diagnostic Profile 1
0x4D27 385 MultiCAN533 CVD 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4D35 386 MultiCAN534 LampSupplyRightProfile 0x01 Diagnostic Profile 1
0x4D37 386 MultiCAN534 LimitedSlipDiff 0x00 Not supported
0x4D45 387 MultiCAN535 HeatWasherProfile 0x00 Not supported
0x4D47 387 MultiCAN535 RrDiffLockEDiff 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4D55 388 MultiCAN536 ParkAidECUProfile 0x00 Not supported
0x4D57 388 MultiCAN536 GearboxPaddlesInDrive 0x01 Active in Drive
0x4D65 389 MultiCAN537 Ignition1Profile 0x00 Not supported
0x4D67 389 MultiCAN537 SWSGearSelectors 0x02 Fitted
0x4D75 390 MultiCAN538 Ignition2Profile 0x00 Not supported
0x4D77 390 MultiCAN538 OilLevelWarning 0x02 Enabled
0x4D85 391 MultiCAN539 Ignition3Profile 0x00 Not supported
0x4D87 391 MultiCAN539 CMbBFitment 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4E25 393 MultiCAN540 Ignition4Profile 0x00 Not supported
0x4E27 393 MultiCAN540 TOJDO 0x02 Fitted
0x4E35 394 MultiCAN541 Ignition5Profile 0x00 Not supported
0x4E37 394 MultiCAN541 4CAS 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4E45 395 MultiCAN542 Ignition6Profile 0x00 Not supported
0x4E47 395 MultiCAN542 eCallgasTank 0x02 Fitted
0x4E55 396 MultiCAN543 Ignition7Profile 0x00 Not supported
0x4E57 396 MultiCAN543 eCalldieselTank 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4E65 397 MultiCAN544 Ignition8Profile 0x00 Not supported
0x4E67 397 MultiCAN544 eCallcompNaturalGas 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4E75 398 MultiCAN545 Ignition9Profile 0x00 Not supported
0x4E77 398 MultiCAN545 eCallliquidPropaneGas 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4E82 399 MultiCAN546 ColmnDwnExtOpenLoad 0x00 Not supported
0x4E85 399 MultiCAN546 ColmnExtOpenLoad 0x00 Not supported
0x4E87 399 MultiCAN546 eCallelecEnergyStorage 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4F22 401 MultiCAN547 ColmnRetractOpenLoad 0x00 Not supported
0x4F25 401 MultiCAN547 ColmnUpRetractOpenLoad 0x00 Not supported
0x4F27 401 MultiCAN547 eCallhydrogenStorage 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4F32 402 MultiCAN548 ExtLghtTellTaleCol 0x01 White Auto tell tale
0x4F35 402 MultiCAN548 LampSupplyRightOpenLoad 0x01 No OL
0x4F37 402 MultiCAN548 eCallotherPropStorage 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4F42 403 MultiCAN549 HeatWasherOpenLoad 0x00 Not supported
0x4F45 403 MultiCAN549 ParkAidECUOpenLoad 0x00 Not supported
0x4F47 403 MultiCAN549 IMCFanAssyAuxCooling 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4F52 404 MultiCAN550 Ignition1OpenLoad 0x00 Not supported
0x4F55 404 MultiCAN550 Ignition2OpenLoad 0x00 Not supported
0x4F57 404 MultiCAN550 EcoModeButtonFit 0x02 Fitted
0x4F62 405 MultiCAN551 Ignition3OpenLoad 0x00 Not supported
0x4F65 405 MultiCAN551 Ignition4OpenLoad 0x00 Not supported
0x4F67 405 MultiCAN551 EasyEntExtSetMenu 0x01 Disabled
0x4F72 406 MultiCAN552 Ignition5OpenLoad 0x00 Not supported
0x4F75 406 MultiCAN552 Ignition6OpenLoad 0x00 Not supported
0x4F77 406 MultiCAN552 ScnSurrSwtchs 0x01 Not Fitted
0x4F82 407 MultiCAN553 Ignition7OpenLoad 0x00 Not supported
0x4F85 407 MultiCAN553 Ignition8OpenLoad 0x00 Not supported
0x4F87 407 MultiCAN553 ComfortPlus 0x02 Comfort Plus Fitted
0x5022 409 MultiCAN554 Ignition9OpenLoad 0x00 Not supported
0x5025 409 MultiCAN554 AutoRangeChange 0x00 Not supported
0x5027 409 MultiCAN554 HSTDervative 0x00 Not supported
0x5033 410 MultiCAN555 TrailerTestItem1 0x0C All lights on
0x5037 410 MultiCAN555 TrailerTestItem2 0x01 LH direction indicator
0x5043 411 MultiCAN556 TrailerTestItem3 0x09 Brake light
0x5047 411 MultiCAN556 TrailerTestItem4 0x02 RH direction indicator
0x5053 412 MultiCAN557 TrailerTestItem5 0x06 Both position lights
0x5057 412 MultiCAN557 TrailerTestItem6 0x07 Reverse light
0x5063 413 MultiCAN558 TrailerTestItem7 0x08 Fog light
0x5067 413 MultiCAN558 TrailerTestItem8 0x0A Sequence complete
0x5073 414 MultiCAN559 TrailerTestItem9 0x0A Sequence complete
0x5077 414 MultiCAN559 TrailerTestItem10 0x0A Sequence complete
0x5082 415 MultiCAN560 GGSProgMode 0x03 Available for selection with timeout
0x5085 415 MultiCAN560 MudRutMode 0x03 Available for selection with timeout
0x5087 415 MultiCAN560 DrLtchStatusFdbk 0x01 ALL Doors have a Physical Latch Status Feedback
0x5122 417 MultiCAN561 SandProgMode 0x03 Available for selection with timeout
0x5125 417 MultiCAN561 RockCrawlMode 0x01 Not available for selection
0x5127 417 MultiCAN561 PartialNetworkEnable 0x01 Partial Networking Disabled
0x5132 418 MultiCAN562 DynamicProgMode 0x01 Not available for selection
0x5135 418 MultiCAN562 ECOProgMode 0x03 Available for selection with timeout
0x5137 418 MultiCAN562 SideWinGlassThick 0x00 Not supported
0x5142 419 MultiCAN563 USB2Hub 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5145 419 MultiCAN563 USB3Repeater 0x00 Not supported
0x5147 419 MultiCAN563 AlrmSensOnSingLock 0x01 No Alarm Sensors on Single Lock
0x5157 420 MultiCAN564 MaxVehicleSpeed 0x71 0x71
0x5162 421 MultiCAN565 FntSMOpenLoad 0x01 No OL
0x5165 421 MultiCAN565 FntPosOpenLoad 0x01 No OL
0x5167 421 MultiCAN565 LockFuelFillFlap 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5172 422 MultiCAN566 FntDRLOpenLoad 0x01 No OL
0x5175 422 MultiCAN566 FntLowBeamOpenLoad 0x01 No OL
0x5177 422 MultiCAN566 MHLastUserMode 0x01 Last user memory mode disabled
0x5182 423 MultiCAN567 FntFogOpenLoad 0x01 No OL
0x5185 423 MultiCAN567 RearPosOpenLoad 0x03 OL in ON state
0x5187 423 MultiCAN567 BodyStyleRoofStructure 0x01 fixed
0x5222 425 MultiCAN568 RearReverseOpenLoad 0x01 No OL
0x5225 425 MultiCAN568 RearFogOpenLoad 0x01 No OL
0x5227 425 MultiCAN568 BattStatChargeGauge 0x00 Not supported
0x5232 426 MultiCAN569 FrontCornerLampOpenLoad 0x01 No OL
0x5235 426 MultiCAN569 CHMSLOpenLoad 0x01 No OL
0x5237 426 MultiCAN569 AVES 0x01 AVES not fitted
0x5242 427 MultiCAN570 NumberPlateOpenLoad 0x01 No OL
0x5245 427 MultiCAN570 RearDIOpenLoad 0x03 OL in ON state
0x5247 427 MultiCAN570 ConvenienceFold 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5252 428 MultiCAN571 RearStopOpenLoad 0x03 OL in ON state
0x5255 428 MultiCAN571 RearSMOpenLoad 0x01 No OL
0x5257 428 MultiCAN571 VehDimTouch 0x02 Enabled
0x5262 429 MultiCAN572 FntHighBeamOpenLoad 0x01 No OL
0x5265 429 MultiCAN572 FntDIOpenLoad 0x01 No OL
0x5267 429 MultiCAN572 DiesAfterSysUREASCR 0x01 Disabled
0x5272 430 MultiCAN573 OilLevelTopUpRes 0x02 1.0 litre
0x5275 430 MultiCAN573 SteeringAngleSensor 0x00 Not supported
0x5277 430 MultiCAN573 OilPressureWarn 0x01 Disabled
0x5287 431 MultiCAN574 OilLevelTopUpValue 0x0A 1.0 litre
0x5323 433 MultiCAN575 SpdoCalkmhOffset 0x05 + 2.0 km/h
0x5327 433 MultiCAN575 EDiffType 0x01 EDiff Type 1
0x5331 434 MultiCAN576 DriverMemDrSwtchPk 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5333 434 MultiCAN576 PassMemDrSwtchPk 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5335 434 MultiCAN576 RearDriverMemDrSwtchPk 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5337 434 MultiCAN576 RearPassMemDrSwtchPk 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5344 435 MultiCAN577 SpdoCalPercentScale 0x08 3.5% Scaling
0x5347 435 MultiCAN577 CoolingFanFitment 0x01 Single Electric fan/controller fitted
0x5352 436 MultiCAN578 SteerWlhlSwtchType 0x01 SWS Dual LIN & AmbientLight (default)
0x5355 436 MultiCAN578 RearlampType 0x01 Single lamp
0x5357 436 MultiCAN578 LRTerrainJGAllRdLaunch 0x02 Enabled
0x5362 437 MultiCAN579 TowAssist 0x01 Not Enabled
0x5365 437 MultiCAN579 AutoAccess 0x01 Feature not available
0x5367 437 MultiCAN579 HdlampLvlSensPos 0x01 Left side height sensors
0x5374 438 MultiCAN580 GenericEngPwrOut 0x0A Standard mid power engine variant
0x5377 438 MultiCAN580 PTCruiseFitment 0x04 ACC with Queue Assist fitted
0x5387 439 MultiCAN581 TPMSCalibration 0x07 TPMS Cal 7
0x5427 441 MultiCAN582 FinalDriveRatioComp (MSB) 0x0D 4.44 FDR / 4.544 FDR
0x5437 442 MultiCAN583 FinalDriveRatioComp (LSB) 0xD8 4.544 FDR
0x5447 443 MultiCAN584 NextGenPwrTrnSQ 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5457 444 MultiCAN585 ActSndDesignPwrlvl 0x01 Not fitted
0x5462 445 MultiCAN586 DrivenWheels 0x01 Front Wheel Drive (permanently connected)
0x5465 445 MultiCAN586 DoorBodyStyle 0x03 5 Door / 4 Door estate body style
0x5467 445 MultiCAN586 PanoramicRoof 0x02 Fitted
0x5477 446 MultiCAN587 PetrolEMSEmissMkt 0x05 RoW
0x5487 447 MultiCAN588 NextGenPwrTrnSQCalNo 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5523 449 MultiCAN589 RearDriverLinSWP 0x00 Not supported
0x5527 449 MultiCAN589 RearPassLinSWP 0x00 Not supported
0x5533 450 MultiCAN590 BrakeDiscSizeFront 0x05 18 inch
0x5537 450 MultiCAN590 BrakeDiscSizeRear 0x03 16 inch
0x5542 451 MultiCAN591 BrakeDiscMaterial 0x01 Iron
0x5545 451 MultiCAN591 ElectricFan 0x02 Single
0x5547 451 MultiCAN591 Sportbrake 0x01 Standard
0x5557 452 MultiCAN592 ServiceIntervalMSB 0x32 0x32
0x5567 453 MultiCAN593 ServiceIntervalLSB 0xC8 0xC8
0x5577 454 MultiCAN594 TyreDynamicRollRadMSB 0x08 2050mm (X360 X760) / 2101mm (X152) / 2300mm (L560 X761) / 2298mm (L550 20MY+ L551 19MY+ X540 18MY+)
0x5587 455 MultiCAN595 TyreDynamicRollRadLSB 0x15 2325mm (D8 L551)
0x5627 457 MultiCAN596 TyreSizeCorrnFac 0x1F 0x1F
0x5637 458 MultiCAN597 TyreSizeCorrnFac 0x8D 0x8D
0x5647 459 MultiCAN598 EnginePowerOutput 0x00 MSB
0x5657 460 MultiCAN599 EnginePowerOutput 0x93 0x93
0x5667 461 MultiCAN600 FuelTimeToServiceMSB 0x01 0x0001 : 1 day (min value)
0x5677 462 MultiCAN601 FuelTimeToServiceLSB 0x6D 0x6D
0x5683 463 MultiCAN602 PDC 0x01 PDC not fitted
0x5687 463 MultiCAN602 HybridType 0x05 Auto Transmission Stop/Start
0x5723 465 MultiCAN603 GearboxDescription 0x06 9 Speed Auto (9HP50)
0x5727 465 MultiCAN603 ChassisDescription 0x01 No sub-variant
0x5732 466 MultiCAN604 BrakeWarningSymbol 0x02 ISO
0x5735 466 MultiCAN604 TransmissionSelectr 0x05 Virtual Shifter with Tip shift function
0x5737 466 MultiCAN604 PTAODieWaterInSensr 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5741 467 MultiCAN605 ConfigDynamicMode 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5743 467 MultiCAN605 ReverseGearSelStrat 0x01 Reverse Gear Selection Strategy Disabled
0x5747 467 MultiCAN605 GenericWheelBase 0x08 Standard
0x5757 468 MultiCAN606 VIN1 0x53 S VIN Character 1
0x5767 469 MultiCAN607 VIN2 0x41 A VIN Character 2
0x5777 470 MultiCAN608 VIN3 0x4C L VIN Character 3
0x5787 471 MultiCAN609 VIN4 0x5A Z VIN Character 4
0x5827 473 MultiCAN610 VIN5 0x41 A VIN Character 5
0x5837 474 MultiCAN611 VIN6 0x32 2 VIN Character 6
0x5847 475 MultiCAN612 VIN7 0x42 B VIN Character 7
0x5857 476 MultiCAN613 VIN8 0x58 X VIN Character 8
0x5867 477 MultiCAN614 VIN9 0x30 0 VIN Character 9
0x5877 478 MultiCAN615 VIN10 0x50 P VIN Character 10
0x5887 479 MultiCAN616 VIN11 0x48 H VIN Character 11
0x5927 481 MultiCAN617 VIN12 0x31 1 VIN Character 12
0x5937 482 MultiCAN618 VIN13 0x38 8 VIN Character 13
0x5947 483 MultiCAN619 VIN14 0x37 7 VIN Character 14
0x5957 484 MultiCAN620 VIN15 0x32 2 VIN Character 15
0x5967 485 MultiCAN621 VIN16 0x34 4 VIN Character 16
0x5977 486 MultiCAN622 VIN17 0x30 0 VIN Character 17
0x5983 487 MultiCAN623 FntDispCableLgth 0x02 0 - 1.9m
0x5987 487 MultiCAN623 FntClusterCableLgth 0x04 3 - 3.9m
0x5A23 489 MultiCAN624 FntUIPCableLgth 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A27 489 MultiCAN624 RearLftDispCableLgth 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A33 490 MultiCAN625 RearRghtDisplayCableLgth 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A37 490 MultiCAN625 RearUIPLnk1CableLgth 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A43 491 MultiCAN626 RearUIPLnk2CableLgth 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A45 491 MultiCAN626 RrLmpBhWhTgateOpen 0x01 TrunkStatusOutput Disabled
0x5A47 491 MultiCAN626 AllSurfaceInfo 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A52 492 MultiCAN627 BrowserSearch 0x03 Search Engine 2
0x5A55 492 MultiCAN627 DriverWinSWPack 0x02 Rear Window Lock Out Switch
0x5A57 492 MultiCAN627 SeatPSASWFitted 0x00 Not supported
0x5A61 493 MultiCAN628 SeatMasgSWFittedD 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A63 493 MultiCAN628 SeatMasgSWFittedP 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A65 493 MultiCAN628 SeatMasgSWFittedRD 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A67 493 MultiCAN628 SeatMasgSWFittedRP 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A71 494 MultiCAN629 SeatLumbSWFittedD 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A73 494 MultiCAN629 SeatLumbSWFittedP 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A75 494 MultiCAN629 SeatLumbSWFittedRD 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A77 494 MultiCAN629 SeatLumbSWFittedRP 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A81 495 MultiCAN630 SeatMovSWFittedD 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A83 495 MultiCAN630 SeatMovSWFittedP 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A85 495 MultiCAN630 SeatMovSWFittedRD 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5A87 495 MultiCAN630 SeatMovSWFittedRP 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5B22 497 MultiCAN631 GrillActiveVanes 0x01 Less AGM-A AND Less AGM-B actuators
0x5B25 497 MultiCAN631 SpareWheelCarrier 0x01 No SWC
0x5B27 497 MultiCAN631 PNChargingFunction 0x01 Disabled
0x5B32 498 MultiCAN632 AutoBlindEnabled 0x02 EnabledNoUserOverride
0x5B34 498 MultiCAN632 HeatedWasherJets 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5B37 498 MultiCAN632 ViscousFan 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5B41 499 MultiCAN633 WiperMotorModule 0x02 Smart wiper motor
0x5B43 499 MultiCAN633 AutolightSensorFit 0x02 Fitted
0x5B45 499 MultiCAN633 AquaBladeFitted 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5B47 499 MultiCAN633 AquaBladeWashDir 0x01 Wash upstroke
0x5B51 500 MultiCAN634 PNFuelRefill 0x00 Not supported
0x5B53 500 MultiCAN634 CDiffBknHalfShfDet 0x00 Not supported
0x5B57 500 MultiCAN634 MovingWindows 0x04 Four Moving Windows
0x5B62 501 MultiCAN635 BodyStyleSeatLayout 0x02 5-seat style (2 row)
0x5B64 501 MultiCAN635 Towing 0x00 Not supported
0x5B67 501 MultiCAN635 CDiffRangeChgType 0x00 Not supported
0x5B71 502 MultiCAN636 LaserHighBeam 0x01 Laser High Beam Disabled
0x5B73 502 MultiCAN636 AdaptDrvBeam 0x01 AdaptDrvBeam Disabled
0x5B75 502 MultiCAN636 FntAnimatedIndicator 0x02 Fitted
0x5B77 502 MultiCAN636 RearAnimatedIndicator 0x02 Fitted
0x5B82 503 MultiCAN637 HeightInputSelection 0x04 Height via hardwire single sensor
0x5B85 503 MultiCAN637 GestureBlindFront 0x01 Disabled
0x5B87 503 MultiCAN637 DriverIDCamera 0x00 Not supported
0x5C22 505 MultiCAN638 DriverID 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5C25 505 MultiCAN638 FrontPassengerID 0x00 Not supported
0x5C27 505 MultiCAN638 DriverIDKeys 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5C32 506 MultiCAN639 Row2PassengerID 0x00 Not supported
0x5C35 506 MultiCAN639 Personalisation 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5C37 506 MultiCAN639 DriverIDPhones 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5C42 507 MultiCAN640 Row3PassengerID 0x00 Not supported
0x5C44 507 MultiCAN640 DriverIDSeats 0x00 Not supported
0x5C47 507 MultiCAN640 EcoDataGallonType 0x01 Imperial Gallons
0x5C53 508 MultiCAN641 FrntLowerDispVariant 0x02 Panasonic 10 Inch Single View
0x5C57 508 MultiCAN641 FrntUpperDispVariant 0x02 Panasonic 10 Inch Single View
0x5C62 509 MultiCAN642 FrntLowerDispKeys 0x00 Not supported
0x5C64 509 MultiCAN642 FrntUpperDeployable 0x02 Fitted
0x5C67 509 MultiCAN642 TransCalibrationIndex 0x01 Calibration Index #1
0x5C73 510 MultiCAN643 DieselEMSEmissMkt 0x05 RoW
0x5C75 510 MultiCAN643 NonDepIllumDoorHnd 0x00 Not supported
0x5C77 510 MultiCAN643 NGICamBanStrat 0x00 Not supported
0x5C81 511 MultiCAN644 SmartExitFntDrvDr 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5C83 511 MultiCAN644 SmartExitFntPassDoor 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5C85 511 MultiCAN644 SmartExitRrDrvDoor 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5C87 511 MultiCAN644 SmartExitRrPassDoor 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5D23 513 MultiCAN645 FrntDrvWdowSwtchpk 0x02 Non Capacitive switchpack
0x5D27 513 MultiCAN645 FntPassWdowSwtchpk 0x02 Hardwired
0x5D33 514 MultiCAN646 RrDrvWdowSwtchpk 0x02 Hardwired
0x5D37 514 MultiCAN646 RrPassWdowSwtchpk 0x02 Hardwired
0x5D43 515 MultiCAN647 ChargingInlet1 0x01 Inlet Not Fitted
0x5D47 515 MultiCAN647 ChargingInlet2 0x01 Inlet Not Fitted
0x5D53 516 MultiCAN648 MicrophoneType 0x02 Microphone Type 1
0x5D57 516 MultiCAN648 TelematicsSpkrType 0x02 TELEMATICS_MID_RANGE
0x5D67 517 MultiCAN649 EMMaxDurEngOff 0x00 Not supported
0x5D77 518 MultiCAN650 FMMaxFuelAge 0x00 Not supported
0x5D82 519 MultiCAN651 TimedChrgFeature 0x01 Timed Charging not fitted
0x5D85 519 MultiCAN651 WirelessCharger 0x00 Not supported
0x5D87 519 MultiCAN651 SelectStateCharge 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5E22 521 MultiCAN652 ReverseMirrorDip 0x01 Not enabled
0x5E25 521 MultiCAN652 ReverseMirrorDipStrat 0x01 Not enabled
0x5E27 521 MultiCAN652 ParkAidCommsBus 0x00 Not Supported
0x5E33 522 MultiCAN653 SeatThermHMIControl 0x01 Display All Row Seat Thermal Pages in Touchscreen
0x5E35 522 MultiCAN653 RearRoofBlindFitted 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5E37 522 MultiCAN653 OpenableICP 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5E47 523 MultiCAN654 BrakePedalFeel 0x03 Brake Pedal Feel 2
0x5E53 524 MultiCAN655 IMCClusterAPIXClrDpth 0x04 24 bit
0x5E57 524 MultiCAN655 IMCClusterAPIXVideoSpd 0x04 3 Gigabits/second
0x5E61 525 MultiCAN656 CntrRetractPretRow1 0x00 Not supported
0x5E63 525 MultiCAN656 CntrRetractPretRow2 0x00 Not supported
0x5E65 525 MultiCAN656 CntrRetractPretRow3 0x00 Not supported
0x5E67 525 MultiCAN656 FarSideOccImpAbgRow1 0x00 Not supported
0x5E71 526 MultiCAN657 PNPreConEnable 0x00 Not supported
0x5E74 526 MultiCAN657 AuxCoolingPump 0x02 AuxCoolingPump Fitted (PCM controlled)
0x5E77 526 MultiCAN657 CleanSurroundCams 0x01 No Clean Camera (Rear Camera Wash with Tee-off from rear screen wash - NO ELECTRICAL IMPACT)
0x5E82 527 MultiCAN658 RoofType 0x01 Fixed Roof
0x5E84 527 MultiCAN658 GrndMarkingDetect 0x01 Not Available
0x5E87 527 MultiCAN658 ParkAssistHMI 0x01 Low Line HMI
0x5F21 529 MultiCAN659 LSAEB 0x01 Not Available
0x5F24 529 MultiCAN659 ClimateSyncHardKey 0x01 Climate Synchronisation Hard Key NOT fitted
0x5F27 529 MultiCAN659 OverrunConfig 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5F31 530 MultiCAN660 ActivityKey 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5F34 530 MultiCAN660 RDUType 0x02 Open Diff with On-Demand Clutch
0x5F37 530 MultiCAN660 DisplayTemperature 0x02 Display Front Temperature value(s) in Touchscreen.
0x5F47 531 MultiCAN661 NGISubscriptionVerMSB 0x04 0x04
0x5F57 532 MultiCAN662 NGISubscriptionVerLSB 0x0C 0x0C
0x5F67 533 MultiCAN663 IMCAPIXVideoSettings 0x05 Channel0: 1280x768 Channel1: Disabled
0x5F71 534 MultiCAN664 DPFDesulphurisation 0x00 Not supported
0x5F73 534 MultiCAN664 AutoVents 0x01 Auto Vents not fitted
0x5F75 534 MultiCAN664 LHSWSPhoneState 0x02 Fitted
0x5F77 534 MultiCAN664 LHSWSFavourite 0x02 Fitted
0x5F82 535 MultiCAN665 AdjustTemperature 0x02 Display Front Temperature adjust button(s) in Touchscreen.
0x5F85 535 MultiCAN665 HomeLinkRegion 0x01 Not Fitted
0x5F87 535 MultiCAN665 ChauffeurMode 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6022 537 MultiCAN666 DepDoorHandType 0x02 Deployable Strap handle
0x6025 537 MultiCAN666 HUDSubType 0x01 HUD Not Fitted
0x6027 537 MultiCAN666 CPillarSwitch 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6037 538 MultiCAN667 IntelligentSeatFold 0x01 Not fitted
0x6042 539 MultiCAN668 SpoilerType 0x04 Fixed Spoiler
0x6045 539 MultiCAN668 HybridModeSelect 0x01 Not enabled
0x6047 539 MultiCAN668 TipandSlideSwitch 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6052 540 MultiCAN669 WirelessChargingAlign 0x00 Not supported
0x6055 540 MultiCAN669 AutoTRHostECU 0x03 DADC
0x6057 540 MultiCAN669 iBBMInstalled 0x00 Not supported
0x6062 541 MultiCAN670 DisplayDistribution 0x02 Display Front Climate Distribution button(s) in Touchscreen.
0x6065 541 MultiCAN670 SlcTimedClimate 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6067 541 MultiCAN670 FwdTrafficDetection 0x00 Not supported
0x6072 542 MultiCAN671 SlcCabinTemp 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6075 542 MultiCAN671 SlcClimateSeats 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6077 542 MultiCAN671 SeeThroughBonnet 0x01 Without See Through Bonnet
0x6082 543 MultiCAN672 SlcMassageSeats 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6085 543 MultiCAN672 SlcHeatedSteerWhl 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6087 543 MultiCAN672 TJAICA 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6122 545 MultiCAN673 SlcMediaSource 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6125 545 MultiCAN673 SlcDeviceReminder 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6127 545 MultiCAN673 TRUserInputMethod 0x02 Input Method 2
0x6132 546 MultiCAN674 SlcCallList 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6135 546 MultiCAN674 EMSMktCal 0x00 Not Supported
0x6137 546 MultiCAN674 AFS123 0x01 AFS123 Disabled
0x6144 547 MultiCAN675 BrakePadTypeRear 0x04 0% Cu NAO
0x6147 547 MultiCAN675 ActiveExhaustButtonType 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6154 548 MultiCAN676 BrakePadTypeFront 0x03 Lo Cu NAO
0x6157 548 MultiCAN676 SurroundMode 0x01 Without Surround Audio
0x6163 549 MultiCAN677 ElectricDrivePower 0x00 Not Supported
0x6167 549 MultiCAN677 MildHybridType 0x01 MHEV1 OR MHEV system not implemented OR MHEV2 - 3kph
0x6177 550 MultiCAN678 HitchAssistTowbar 0x01 All other towbar configuration
0x6187 551 MultiCAN679 HeadlightsVariant 0x04 Headlamp_Variant_Mid_A
0x6223 553 MultiCAN680 BodyKitStyle 0x02 Dynamic body kit
0x6225 553 MultiCAN680 ClearExitDetectionSystem 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6227 553 MultiCAN680 TaskLightingTLMA 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6233 554 MultiCAN681 SuspensionType 0x01 Coil-Coil
0x6235 554 MultiCAN681 DriveAssist 0x01 Drive Assist Not Avaliable
0x6237 554 MultiCAN681 BacklightStratSel 0x02 BacklightLinearControlStrategy (No Night/Day Switching)
0x6242 555 MultiCAN682 SAPServerType 0x00 Not supported
0x6244 555 MultiCAN682 SeatTherm2ndRowHMIControl 0x02 Do not display 2nd row Seat Thermal page
0x6247 555 MultiCAN682 DynamicLiteMode 0x01 Not available for selection
0x6251 556 MultiCAN683 Front23BuckSwitch 0x01 2 Seats in Row 1
0x6253 556 MultiCAN683 AskOnExit 0x01 Disabled
0x6255 556 MultiCAN683 EngineNoiseCancel 0x00 Not Supported
0x6257 556 MultiCAN683 IntelEmrgBrkingCAEB 0x00 Not supported
0x6262 557 MultiCAN684 HeatedDoorArmrest 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6265 557 MultiCAN684 HtdFntCntreArmrst 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6267 557 MultiCAN684 Row3BuckleSwitch 0x00 Not Supported
0x6272 558 MultiCAN685 HtdRearCntreArmrst 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6274 558 MultiCAN685 DriverHeatedCalfRest 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6277 558 MultiCAN685 UWBPEPSRANGEADJUSTUSEVSA 0x01 3 Metres
0x6281 559 MultiCAN686 HeatedMapPocket 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6284 559 MultiCAN686 UpperGloveBox 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6287 559 MultiCAN686 LowerGloveBox 0x02 Manual
0x6327 561 MultiCAN687 UWBSATFreqChannel 0x06 Frequency 3.99 GHz - Shared LIN
0x6332 562 MultiCAN688 MirrorPositionFeature 0x02 Estimated Folded/Unfolded
0x6334 562 MultiCAN688 SeatMsg2ndRowHMIControl 0x02 Do not display 2nd row Seat Massage page
0x6337 562 MultiCAN688 ExhaustType 0x02 TWO SIDED
0x6343 563 MultiCAN689 DisplaySeatTempZone 0x04 Display 2nd Row Seat Zone controls in Front Touchscreen (not 1st or 3rd)
0x6347 563 MultiCAN689 DisplaySeatTempIntensity 0x01 Display All Row Seat Temperature Intensity controls in Front Touchscreen
0x6353 564 MultiCAN690 SeatMsgHMIControl 0x01 Display All Row Seat Massage Pages in Touchscreen
0x6355 564 MultiCAN690 ElectFrntLoadspace 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6357 564 MultiCAN690 TouristMode 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6364 565 MultiCAN691 RearBumperType 0x01 CORE TYPE 1
0x6367 565 MultiCAN691 WheelInformation 0x00 Not Supported
0x6374 566 MultiCAN692 ExhaustHeatshieldType 0x02 HEAT SHIELD TYPE 2
0x6377 566 MultiCAN692 SlopeInformation 0x02 Fitted
0x6382 567 MultiCAN693 DriverMicrophoneType 0x03 Balanced Microphone
0x6385 567 MultiCAN693 AutoVentsType 0x01 Auto Vents fitted with Always Open and Auto
0x6387 567 MultiCAN693 ADBInitialisation 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6422 569 MultiCAN694 RadarForwardAlert 0x00 Not Supported
0x6424 569 MultiCAN694 CDMDynamicHandling 0x01 Dynamic handling not Fitted
0x6427 569 MultiCAN694 CamForwardAlert 0x01 Not fitted
0x6437 570 MultiCAN695 GearRatioSpread 0x00 Not Supported
0x6441 571 MultiCAN696 ATCMRotarySwitch 0x01 ATCM Rotary Switch not fitted or Blade display not fitted
0x6443 571 MultiCAN696 ATCMAutoTRMdSwitch 0x01 Auto Terrain Response Mode selection switch not fitted or Blade display not fitted
0x6445 571 MultiCAN696 ATCMTA2Switch 0x01 Tow Assist 2 feature selection switch not fitted or Blade display not fitted
0x6447 571 MultiCAN696 ATCMDSCOffSwitch 0x01 Dynamic Stability Control Off switch not fitted or Blade display not fitted
0x6451 572 MultiCAN697 ATCMHDCSwitch 0x01 ATCM Hill Descent Control Switch not fitted or Blade display not fitted
0x6453 572 MultiCAN697 ATCMAirSusSwitches 0x01 ATCM Air Suspension Switches not fitted or Blade display not fitted
0x6455 572 MultiCAN697 ATCMATPCSwitch 0x01 ATCM All Terrain Progress Control Switch not fitted or Blade display not fitted
0x6457 572 MultiCAN697 ATCMLoRangeSwitch 0x01 ATCM Lo Range Switch not fitted or Blade display not fitted
0x6461 573 MultiCAN698 ATCMEVSwitch 0x01 ATCM Electric Vehicle Switch not fitted or Blade display not fitted
0x6463 573 MultiCAN698 ChgPortFlpInhibit 0x00 Not Supported
0x6465 573 MultiCAN698 ClimateZonalControl 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6467 573 MultiCAN698 RHSWSBusSelection 0x00 Not Supported
0x6472 574 MultiCAN699 DisplayFrontBlowerSpeed 0x03 Display current front blower speed
0x6475 574 MultiCAN699 Display2ndRowBlowerSpeed 0x01 Do not display 2nd row blower speed
0x6477 574 MultiCAN699 ELKARE 0x02 Fitted
0x6482 575 MultiCAN700 EHznLongHznImpl 0x00 Not Supported
0x6485 575 MultiCAN700 SpoilerSpecialFunc 0x01 No special mode
0x6522 577 MultiCAN701 ESSCalibration 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6527 577 MultiCAN701 WakeupShutdownSeqTyp 0x02 DI and Position
0x6533 578 MultiCAN702 SupMainBeamRoutIntensity 0x01 Disabled
0x6537 578 MultiCAN702 FuelGaugeVariant2 0x01 Fuel Gauge Variant 1
0x6542 579 MultiCAN703 ExteriorMirrorAutoUnfold 0x02 Automatic External Mirrors Unfold Enabled
0x6544 579 MultiCAN703 BCMInteriorLightTrunk 0x02 Interior lamps activated with trunk ajar - Enabled
0x6547 579 MultiCAN703 BCMInteriorLightDelay 0x03 30 Off Delay (Seconds)
0x6557 580 MultiCAN704 AdapDrvBeamSeg 0x04 4 Segments
0x6563 581 MultiCAN705 DeployableSideStepType 0x0E Not Fitted
0x6567 581 MultiCAN705 SeatMvmtModuleType 0x01 No seat movement fitted
0x6571 582 MultiCAN706 LKARE 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6573 582 MultiCAN706 TJAICARE 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6575 582 MultiCAN706 DynBendingLight 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6577 582 MultiCAN706 SignPostDimming 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6581 583 MultiCAN707 BrakeFluidLvlSource 0x02 Brake Fluid Level signal from ABS (BrakeFluidLevelWarning2)
0x6583 583 MultiCAN707 PassKneeAirbag 0x01 Without Passenger knee airbag
0x6585 583 MultiCAN707 AdasNCapESS 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6587 583 MultiCAN707 AdasNCapLKAUpcomTraff 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6621 585 MultiCAN708 AdasLongCRA 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6623 585 MultiCAN708 AdasLongRPC 0x02 Fitted
0x6625 585 MultiCAN708 ManoeuvLightConfig 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6627 585 MultiCAN708 RghtManoeuvringLgt 0x00 Not Supported
0x6631 586 MultiCAN709 LaneKeepAssistLDW 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6633 586 MultiCAN709 AdasNCapCyclistAEB 0x00 Not Supported
0x6635 586 MultiCAN709 AdasTJP 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6637 586 MultiCAN709 DSMFitment 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6641 587 MultiCAN710 PSMFitment 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6643 587 MultiCAN710 RLSMFitment 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6645 587 MultiCAN710 RRSMFitment 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6647 587 MultiCAN710 R2SMFitment 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6651 588 MultiCAN711 R3SMFitment 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6653 588 MultiCAN711 AutoHold 0x02 HVH Enabled
0x6657 588 MultiCAN711 IntMirrorVariant 0x02 IRVM
0x6661 589 MultiCAN712 ACCLeadCarDistDisp 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6663 589 MultiCAN712 ACCStopGapSelect 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6665 589 MultiCAN712 ACCAccelProfileSelect 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6667 589 MultiCAN712 PassHeatedCalfRest 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6671 590 MultiCAN713 SeatMassHanded 0x01 Rear massage signals inverted on LHD vehicles straight on RHD vehicles
0x6673 590 MultiCAN713 AdasDCR 0x01 DCR not fitted
0x6677 590 MultiCAN713 ParkPawlLocation 0x00 Not Supported
0x6687 591 MultiCAN714 ESSCalNo 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6727 593 MultiCAN715 EOCCalNo 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6737 594 MultiCAN716 ARNCCalNo 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6742 595 MultiCAN717 FrontBeltMinder 0x04 Beltminder ON (FMVSS type)
0x6744 595 MultiCAN717 CityUrbanAutoEmerBraking 0x02 CUIEB fitted
0x6747 595 MultiCAN717 FwdCollisionWarn 0x02 FCW with Forward Warning Only
0x6751 596 MultiCAN718 PedAutoEmerBraking 0x02 PAEB fitted
0x6753 596 MultiCAN718 JuncAutoEmerBraking 0x01 JAEB Not fitted
0x6755 596 MultiCAN718 FrontPreCrashSunRoof 0x01 FPC SunRoof Not Fitted
0x6757 596 MultiCAN718 OverspeedIndia 0x01 Disabled
0x6761 597 MultiCAN719 IntelligentEmerBraking 0x01 IEB Not fitted
0x6763 597 MultiCAN719 CyCAutoEmerBraking 0x02 CAEB fitted
0x6765 597 MultiCAN719 CDLGlobalOpen 0x02 Enabled
0x6767 597 MultiCAN719 CDLGlobalClose 0x02 Enabled
0x6777 598 MultiCAN720 ASDExhaustCalNo 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6787 599 MultiCAN721 AVNCalNo 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6827 601 MultiCAN722 EOCExhaustCalNo 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6831 602 MultiCAN723 SMRFGlobalClose 0x02 Enabled
0x6834 602 MultiCAN723 RCTAConfiguration 0x02 Rear Cross Traffic Alert with autobrake fitted
0x6837 602 MultiCAN723 SeatSwitchPackPos 0x01 No Switch Pack Fitted/Feature not fitted
0x6843 603 MultiCAN724 ChargeFlap1 0x01 Charge Flap Not Fitted
0x6847 603 MultiCAN724 ChargeFlap2 0x01 Charge Flap Not Fitted
0x6851 604 MultiCAN725 MemorySwitchType 0x01 Resistive Ladder
0x6853 604 MultiCAN725 WiperInterSpdDepend 0x02 Enabled
0x6855 604 MultiCAN725 RainSensorFitment 0x02 Fitted
0x6857 604 MultiCAN725 WiperRearContinue 0x01 Disabled
0x6861 605 MultiCAN726 WiperFntSpeedDepend 0x02 Enabled
0x6863 605 MultiCAN726 WiperProgramWipeActive 0x02 Enabled
0x6865 605 MultiCAN726 WiperDripWipeFeature 0x02 Enabled
0x6867 605 MultiCAN726 WiperUpStroke 0x01 Disabled
0x6871 606 MultiCAN727 WiperHeadlmpWashDLR 0x01 Disabled
0x6873 606 MultiCAN727 WiperColdClimDLRWash 0x01 Disabled
0x6875 606 MultiCAN727 WiperCollarSwtchRnSenSeni 0x02 Enabled
0x6877 606 MultiCAN727 WiperTwinWasherBottle 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6881 607 MultiCAN728 WiperHdlmpWshPressure 0x01 Low
0x6883 607 MultiCAN728 WiperRrHlfMoonParkSwtch 0x02 Enabled
0x6885 607 MultiCAN728 AutolampFastResponse 0x01 Disabled
0x6887 607 MultiCAN728 HeadlampWash 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6922 609 MultiCAN729 RCDrive 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6924 609 MultiCAN729 WiperWinterPark 0x02 Enabled
0x6927 609 MultiCAN729 SunroofType 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6931 610 MultiCAN730 RearWiperFitment 0x02 Fitted
0x6933 610 MultiCAN730 StaticBendingLamps 0x01 Disabled
0x6935 610 MultiCAN730 BCMInteriorLightFlash 0x02 Flash Confirm - Enabled
0x6937 610 MultiCAN730 BCMInteriorLightAuxOff 0x01 Not Active With Aux Off Feature Disabled (Interior lights activated by Engine off - ENABLED)
0x6947 611 MultiCAN731 BYODControlMSB 0x00 Not Supported - See BYODControlLSB
0x6957 612 MultiCAN732 BYODControlLSB 0x01 0x0001 - Not Fitted
0x6961 613 MultiCAN733 CorneringLamps 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6963 613 MultiCAN733 BacklightHeartbeat 0x01 Disabled
0x6965 613 MultiCAN733 Row2CentPret 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6967 613 MultiCAN733 PoliceLightsFunc 0x01 Disabled
0x6971 614 MultiCAN734 3Flash1TouchLnChg 0x02 Enabled
0x6973 614 MultiCAN734 FrontFogLights 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6975 614 MultiCAN734 Sidemarkers 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6977 614 MultiCAN734 FntFogLightsOffHighBm 0x01 Disabled
0x6981 615 MultiCAN735 RrFogLightsOffTrailerPres 0x02 Enabled
0x6985 615 MultiCAN735 InductionType 0x00 Not Supported
0x6987 615 MultiCAN735 Row3CentPret 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6A23 617 MultiCAN736 ConfigTRFitment 0x01 Not Configured
0x6A25 617 MultiCAN736 BCMInteriorLightWakeUp 0x02 InteriorLightsWakeUpSequence - Enabled
0x6A27 617 MultiCAN736 ColumnAdjustType 0x02 Electric Adjustable
0x6A31 618 MultiCAN737 RearBeltMinder 0x02 Rear Beltminder ON
0x6A34 618 MultiCAN737 VisualBeltminderRow1 0x02 VB - 2 seats
0x6A37 618 MultiCAN737 VisualBeltminderRow2 0x03 VB - 3 seats
0x6A42 619 MultiCAN738 VisualBeltminderRow3 0x06 VB - 0 seat
0x6A44 619 MultiCAN738 AlarmBBS 0x01 Passive
0x6A47 619 MultiCAN738 AlarmPerAlarmCycle 0x04 10
0x6A51 620 MultiCAN739 VehicleHornOnAlarm 0x02 Enabled
0x6A53 620 MultiCAN739 VehicleHornOnAlarmDur 0x02 Enabled
0x6A55 620 MultiCAN739 SecurityEntryDelayPanic 0x02 Enabled
0x6A57 620 MultiCAN739 TimePanicAlarm 0x01 Unlimited
0x6A61 621 MultiCAN740 AlarmPassiveArm 0x01 Disabled
0x6A63 621 MultiCAN740 AlarmDuration 0x01 30s
0x6A65 621 MultiCAN740 DriveAwayDoorLock 0x02 Enabled
0x6A67 621 MultiCAN740 AutoRelock 0x02 Enabled
0x6A72 622 MultiCAN741 AlarmsPerPerimCause 0x03 10
0x6A75 622 MultiCAN741 NumAlarmsPerAlarm 0x03 10
0x6A77 622 MultiCAN741 AlarmArmDisarmChirp 0x01 Disabled
0x6A82 623 MultiCAN742 NumOfTrigPerSensor 0x03 10
0x6A84 623 MultiCAN742 SecondPressWarnChirp 0x01 Disabled
0x6A87 623 MultiCAN742 TrafficSignRecogTSR 0x01 TSR Not Fitted
0x6B21 625 MultiCAN743 DoubleLockingChirp 0x02 Enabled
0x6B23 625 MultiCAN743 SecurityErrorTone 0x02 Enabled
0x6B25 625 MultiCAN743 SecurityDIFlashOnErr 0x01 Disabled
0x6B27 625 MultiCAN743 DIFlashOnArmDisarm 0x02 Enabled
0x6B31 626 MultiCAN744 OpenCloseRFKey 0x01 Upper Only
0x6B33 626 MultiCAN744 TailgateRemoteRel 0x01 Tailgate
0x6B35 626 MultiCAN744 PreCrashWindowLift 0x01 Window Lift Not Available
0x6B37 626 MultiCAN744 WindowPWMMode 0x01 PWM Not Supported
0x6B43 627 MultiCAN745 DriverConditionMon 0x03 Variant B: Driver fatigue warning & Rest area assistance
0x6B47 627 MultiCAN745 HVBattRegCompliance 0x00 Not Supported
0x6B51 628 MultiCAN746 ClimateSeatSigType 0x01 ON required before seat part selection
0x6B55 628 MultiCAN746 HeadrestDrop 0x01 Headrest Drop Not Fitted
0x6B57 628 MultiCAN746 RemoteConvRoofOperation 0x00 Not Supported
0x6B62 629 MultiCAN747 TJAICAHOD 0x03 Enabled - 3 warnings strategy
0x6B65 629 MultiCAN747 VisionLegislation 0x01 No legal requirement
0x6B67 629 MultiCAN747 VehicleDataSharing 0x00 Not Supported
0x6B73 630 MultiCAN748 ActiveExhaustMap 0x00 Not Supported
0x6B75 630 MultiCAN748 TripComputerUnitsWh 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6B77 630 MultiCAN748 NASTrailerLighting 0x01 Disabled
0x6B87 631 MultiCAN749 CornerOnThreshold 0x00 Not Supported
0x6C21 633 MultiCAN750 CorneringLampFunc 0x01 Disabled
0x6C23 633 MultiCAN750 EmergencyBrakeIndic 0x02 Enabled
0x6C25 633 MultiCAN750 HighBeamLights 0x02 Fitted
0x6C27 633 MultiCAN750 AHBSystemStatus 0x01 AHBA Not Fitted
0x6C31 634 MultiCAN751 SplitServiceMessaging 0x01 Inactive
0x6C33 634 MultiCAN751 SlcEVChargeAlerts 0x00 Not Supported
0x6C35 634 MultiCAN751 Replay 0x00 Not Supported
0x6C37 634 MultiCAN751 WakeupShutDownSeqMenu 0x01 Menu Disabled
0x6C42 635 MultiCAN752 NFSVariant 0x02 NFS Low
0x6C45 635 MultiCAN752 EnhancedFiltration 0x01 No Enhanced Particulate Filter fitted. No soft button fitted. No sensor fitted.
0x6C47 635 MultiCAN752 TRFitment 0x02 Fitted
0x6C52 636 MultiCAN753 TRSwitchType 0x02 Infotainment Touch Screen
0x6C55 636 MultiCAN753 ProgrammableCar 0x00 Not Supported
0x6C57 636 MultiCAN753 AdaptiveProgMode 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6C62 637 MultiCAN754 ULPMProgMode 0x01 Not available for selection
0x6C65 637 MultiCAN754 TrackProgMode 0x01 Not available for selection
0x6C67 637 MultiCAN754 AutoTRProgMode 0x02 Fitted
0x6C72 638 MultiCAN755 WadeProgMode 0x01 Not available for selection
0x6C75 638 MultiCAN755 ConfigTRMode 0x01 Not available for selection
0x6C77 638 MultiCAN755 ActvDampingPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x6C81 639 MultiCAN756 DrvlinePartc 0x02 Participating in Mode Management
0x6C83 639 MultiCAN756 EPasPartc 0x02 Participating in Mode Management
0x6C85 639 MultiCAN756 EDiffPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x6C87 639 MultiCAN756 ABsPartc 0x02 Participating in Mode Management
0x6D21 641 MultiCAN757 PCmPartc 0x02 Participating in Mode Management
0x6D23 641 MultiCAN757 TCmPartc 0x02 Participating in Mode Management
0x6D27 641 MultiCAN757 PerspectiveViews 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6D32 642 MultiCAN758 WinterProgMode 0x01 Not available for selection
0x6D34 642 MultiCAN758 SlcEVChargeReminder 0x00 Not Supported
0x6D37 642 MultiCAN758 AHBCalibration 0x01 Lighting Calibration 1
0x6D43 643 MultiCAN759 UltrasonicSensorFit 0x03 Rear Front
0x6D47 643 MultiCAN759 CameraSensorFitment 0x02 Rear
0x6D51 644 MultiCAN760 SlcEVChargingSchedule 0x00 Not Supported
0x6D53 644 MultiCAN760 DAMLSafety 0x00 Not Supported
0x6D55 644 MultiCAN760 DAMLDriving 0x00 Not Supported
0x6D57 644 MultiCAN760 DAMLManoeuvring 0x00 Not Supported
0x6D61 645 MultiCAN761 DAMLCamera 0x00 Not Supported
0x6D63 645 MultiCAN761 VSMLSafety 0x02 Vehicle Settings Safety category displayed on In Vehicle Infotainment
0x6D65 645 MultiCAN761 VSMLSecurity 0x02 Vehicle Settings Security category displayed on In Vehicle Infotainment
0x6D67 645 MultiCAN761 VSMLExteriorLighting 0x02 Vehicle Settings Exterior Lighting category displayed on In Vehicle Infotainment
0x6D71 646 MultiCAN762 VSMLConvenience 0x02 Vehicle Settings Convenience category displayed on In Vehicle Infotainment
0x6D73 646 MultiCAN762 VSMLUnits 0x02 Vehicle Settings Units category displayed on In Vehicle Infotainment
0x6D75 646 MultiCAN762 VSMLService 0x02 Vehicle Settings Service category displayed on In Vehicle Infotainment
0x6D77 646 MultiCAN762 VSMLTrip 0x01 Vehicle Settings Trip category not displayed on In Vehicle Infotainment
0x6D81 647 MultiCAN763 VSMLVehicleStatus 0x02 Vehicle Settings Vehicle Status category displayed on In Vehicle Infotainment
0x6D83 647 MultiCAN763 VSMLDisplays 0x01 Vehicle Settings Displays category not displayed on In Vehicle Infotainment
0x6D85 647 MultiCAN763 VSMLTPMSPassive 0x00 Not Supported
0x6D87 647 MultiCAN763 VSMLTPMSActive 0x00 Not Supported
0x6E21 649 MultiCAN764 VSMLVehicleHealthWarn 0x01 Vehicle Settings Vehicle Health & Warning category not displayed on In Vehicle Infotainment
0x6E23 649 MultiCAN764 RearFoldFlat 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6E25 649 MultiCAN764 3DrAccessRearFeature 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6E27 649 MultiCAN764 AuxDrivingLamps 0x00 Not Supported
0x6E31 650 MultiCAN765 XenonLamps 0x00 Not Supported
0x6E33 650 MultiCAN765 LightsOnWhenWipers 0x00 Not Supported
0x6E35 650 MultiCAN765 BrakePadWearIndication 0x02 Enabled
0x6E37 650 MultiCAN765 AHBSensitivtyMenu 0x01 Sensitivity Menu Disabled
0x6E41 651 MultiCAN766 Battery2BMS 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6E43 651 MultiCAN766 VSMOilLevelUnit 0x01 Metric - Litres
0x6E45 651 MultiCAN766 PixelTouristMode 0x01 Pixel Tourist Mode Disabled
0x6E47 651 MultiCAN766 PSDBFitted 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6E52 652 MultiCAN767 WirelessDeviceCharger 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6E54 652 MultiCAN767 VQMFitted 0x01 Not Fitted
0x6E57 652 MultiCAN767 VIAutoIllumination 0x00 Not Supported
0x6E67 653 MultiCAN768 ImmobiliserChannels 0xFE Not In Use
0x6E74 654 MultiCAN769 Battery1Type 0x07 H7 AGM 80/800 IGOR NWS
0x6E77 654 MultiCAN769 VICustomisableShortcut 0x00 Not Supported
0x6E81 655 MultiCAN770 VisionInteraction 0x00 Not Supported
0x6E83 655 MultiCAN770 RemoteReleaseTailgate 0x02 Enabled
0x6E85 655 MultiCAN770 InteriorReleaseTailgate 0x02 Enabled
0x6E87 655 MultiCAN770 TailgateHingeType 0x01 Upper Hinged
0x6F27 657 MultiCAN771 A2BConfigurationNo 0x01 Configuration #1
0x6F32 658 MultiCAN772 SpeedoMainScaleUnits 0x03 Menu
0x6F35 658 MultiCAN772 SpeedoSecondDisplay 0x04 Displayed
0x6F37 658 MultiCAN772 TripCompInitialUnits 0x01 Metric
0x6F47 659 MultiCAN773 IVIType 0x08 PIVI Mid Line
0x6F53 660 MultiCAN774 ManovLightRevTime 0x00 Not Supported
0x6F57 660 MultiCAN774 ManovLightFadeTime 0x00 Not Supported
0x6F62 661 MultiCAN775 AutoSSSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x6F65 661 MultiCAN775 DSCSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x6F67 661 MultiCAN775 RemoteWingMirrorFold 0x01 Remote Wing Mirror Fold not available
0x6F72 662 MultiCAN776 HDCSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x6F75 662 MultiCAN776 TerECOSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x6F77 662 MultiCAN776 OdoLeadingZero 0x02 Displayed
0x6F82 663 MultiCAN777 TerComSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x6F85 663 MultiCAN777 TerDynSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x6F87 663 MultiCAN777 PreCrashSeatBltPretent 0x01 Seat Belt Pretention Not Fitted
0x7022 665 MultiCAN778 ATPCSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x7025 665 MultiCAN778 TerAutoSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x7027 665 MultiCAN778 TripCompMetFulEcoUnt 0x02 l/100km
0x7032 666 MultiCAN779 TerGGSSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x7035 666 MultiCAN779 TerMudSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x7037 666 MultiCAN779 ParkAid 0x02 Available
0x7042 667 MultiCAN780 TerSandSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x7047 667 MultiCAN780 SpeedoRange 0x0B scale 11
0x7052 668 MultiCAN781 SpdoSecondDisplayUnit 0x03 same as trip computer
0x7055 668 MultiCAN781 OdometerUnits 0x03 same as trip computer
0x7057 668 MultiCAN781 PreCrashSeatSquab 0x01 Seat Squab Not Fitted
0x7062 669 MultiCAN782 TachoGaugeVariant 0x01 scale 1
0x7067 669 MultiCAN782 InstrumentSkin 0x01 Design 01
0x7075 670 MultiCAN783 TripCompFuelEconomy 0x10 0
0x7077 670 MultiCAN783 AllWheelSteer 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7082 671 MultiCAN784 VTGlazingRoof 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7085 671 MultiCAN784 FrontFogFuntionality 0x01 No additional functionality required
0x7087 671 MultiCAN784 ClimateHardKey 0x00 Not Supported
0x7124 673 MultiCAN785 Battery2Type 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7127 673 MultiCAN785 EVSelectInBlade 0x01 Hybrid mode keys not in lower screen
0x7133 674 MultiCAN786 ParkAssist 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7137 674 MultiCAN786 SpecialClock 0x00 Not Supported
0x7141 675 MultiCAN787 BSCMFitted 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7143 675 MultiCAN787 SpdoScndDispEnblMenu 0x02 Enabled
0x7145 675 MultiCAN787 SpeedoMinorScale 0x01 Not Displayed
0x7147 675 MultiCAN787 SpdoScndDispUnitMenu 0x02 Enabled
0x7151 676 MultiCAN788 VIAutoStart 0x00 Not Supported
0x7153 676 MultiCAN788 ConventionalCharging 0x00 Not Supported
0x7157 676 MultiCAN788 DriveModeDiscStrat 0x02 Use legacy strategy to discover drive mode fitment
0x7165 677 MultiCAN789 DriveModeOrder 0x04 All Terrain Vehicle Including Auto Order
0x7167 677 MultiCAN789 LeisureBatt 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7175 678 MultiCAN790 DriveModeSigSchema 0x01 All Terrain Vehicle Standard Schema
0x7177 678 MultiCAN790 InfotainEmerParm17 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7182 679 MultiCAN791 EVSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x7184 679 MultiCAN791 OverspeedSaudi 0x02 Enabled
0x7187 679 MultiCAN791 FLCVariant 0x02 FLC Mono
0x7221 681 MultiCAN792 HandsOnDetection 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7223 681 MultiCAN792 TelematicsSignIn 0x01 Sign-in not possible
0x7227 681 MultiCAN792 DADCModule 0x02 DADC LL
0x7233 682 MultiCAN793 CCMVariant 0x02 MRRevo14F Fitted
0x7237 682 MultiCAN793 TA2InputControl 0x01 Not fitted
0x7242 683 MultiCAN794 RearCornerRadars 0x02 Rear corner radars fitted
0x7245 683 MultiCAN794 FrontCornerRadars 0x01 Front corner radars not fitted
0x7247 683 MultiCAN794 BacklightDimStratSel 0x01 Dimmer Knob selection
0x7252 684 MultiCAN795 TA2SelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x7255 684 MultiCAN795 TerRockSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x7257 684 MultiCAN795 CityDrivingPwrSteer 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7262 685 MultiCAN796 AirSusSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x7265 685 MultiCAN796 TerWadeSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x7267 685 MultiCAN796 PredictableAFS 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7272 686 MultiCAN797 LoRngSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x7275 686 MultiCAN797 TerCTSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x7277 686 MultiCAN797 GuidanceBeamCCF 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7282 687 MultiCAN798 TerCPSelectInFCPB 0x01 Control interface not available in FCPB
0x7287 687 MultiCAN798 DynSuspensionType 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7327 689 MultiCAN799 EVSDCalNo 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7332 690 MultiCAN800 eHorizonVariant 0x04 eHorizon Av2 short and proprietary protocol long fitted
0x7335 690 MultiCAN800 RefrigerantType 0x02 R134A
0x7337 690 MultiCAN800 VehClearGuidance 0x01 Not Available
0x7342 691 MultiCAN801 ATPCPRO 0x01 ATPC PRO Not Fitted
0x7345 691 MultiCAN801 ReverseLightActStra 0x01 Conventional Reverse Gear selection signals only
0x7347 691 MultiCAN801 SeeThroughTrailer 0x00 Not Supported
0x7354 692 MultiCAN802 EngCoolantHotWarn 0x10 Warning Not displayed
0x7357 692 MultiCAN802 ADASCBV 0x00 Not Supported
0x7364 693 MultiCAN803 EngCoolantVryHotWarn 0x09 Base value 2 plus 09c
0x7367 693 MultiCAN803 VertAccelSource 0x01 Vertical Accelerometers not fitted
0x7372 694 MultiCAN804 CamWashType 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7375 694 MultiCAN804 PowerSideDoors 0x01 Manual Side Doors
0x7377 694 MultiCAN804 GestureDoorHandles 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7382 695 MultiCAN805 SideDoorObjectDet 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7385 695 MultiCAN805 ApproachOpenDoors 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7387 695 MultiCAN805 GestureBonnet 0x01 No Powered Gesture Sense
0x7422 697 MultiCAN806 WalkAwayCloseDoors 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7424 697 MultiCAN806 HandsFreeBonnet 0x01 No Kick Sense
0x7427 697 MultiCAN806 BonnetType 0x01 Manual Open/Close Bonnet NO Soft Close
0x7432 698 MultiCAN807 BonnetSecndryLatch 0x01 Manual Bonnet Secondary Latch
0x7434 698 MultiCAN807 ApproachUnlocking 0x01 Disabled
0x7437 698 MultiCAN807 AutoChildLock 0x00 Not Supported
0x7441 699 MultiCAN808 DeployLoadspaceCover 0x00 Not Supported
0x7444 699 MultiCAN808 HealthandWellness 0x00 Not Supported
0x7447 699 MultiCAN808 TransferableProfile 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7452 700 MultiCAN809 ACCStopGapSetting 0x02 Fitted
0x7455 700 MultiCAN809 CabinMoods 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7457 700 MultiCAN809 ICIM 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7467 701 MultiCAN810 WheelbaseMSB 0x0A 0x0A
0x7477 702 MultiCAN811 WheelbaseLSB 0x79 0x79
0x7482 703 MultiCAN812 IVISIMType 0x04 PSIM
0x7484 703 MultiCAN812 EmergencyWarnSerEWS 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7487 703 MultiCAN812 DrivelineDiscovery 0x02 Use TRANSMISSION - DRIVELINE EDUDriveline RDUType and 4x4iD8Driveline
0x7527 705 MultiCAN813 PM25Market 0x01 Market 1
0x7531 706 MultiCAN814 IVIWiFiHotspot 0x01 Internal WiFi Hotspot not fitted
0x7533 706 MultiCAN814 UserEEBReserveMgmt 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7535 706 MultiCAN814 LHSWSFvClusterView 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7537 706 MultiCAN814 DADLInhibitOff 0x02 Allow Off
0x7543 707 MultiCAN815 FrntUpperDispMargin 0x02 Margin obscuring 8mm Left 8mm Right 0mm Top 0mm Bottom
0x7547 707 MultiCAN815 IVIAPIXClusterComms 0x02 SOME-IP over APIX Back Channel
0x7557 708 MultiCAN816 PwrTgateHMIControl 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7567 709 MultiCAN817 IVIeSIMProfileType 0x00 Not Supported
0x7577 710 MultiCAN818 RoofControlStrategy 0x02 Blind Control - Hardwired switches
0x7582 711 MultiCAN819 EDUDriveline 0x01 No EDU
0x7585 711 MultiCAN819 FrtAnmSeqWkUpShutDn 0x01 Not fitted
0x7587 711 MultiCAN819 ActiveBrakeDuctVanes 0x00 Not Supported
0x7622 713 MultiCAN820 RrAnmSeqWkUpShutDn 0x01 Not fitted
0x7624 713 MultiCAN820 TailgateEventExperience 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7627 713 MultiCAN820 AnmProjWakeUpShutDn 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7631 714 MultiCAN821 Row1SeatCushExt 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7634 714 MultiCAN821 Row1SeatHeadrest 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7637 714 MultiCAN821 Row1SeatLumbar 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7641 715 MultiCAN822 Row1SeatBolster 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7643 715 MultiCAN822 Row1SeatShoulder 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7645 715 MultiCAN822 Row2SeatBolster 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7647 715 MultiCAN822 BrakeWarnings 0x02 Flash red brake warning
0x7652 716 MultiCAN823 Row2SeatHeadrest 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7657 716 MultiCAN823 HVBatteryCapacity 0x00 Not Supported
0x7662 717 MultiCAN824 Row2SeatLumbar 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7664 717 MultiCAN824 Row2SeatShoulder 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7667 717 MultiCAN824 IndirectVentsFitted 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7671 718 MultiCAN825 TailgateEventLight 0x00 Not Supported
0x7673 718 MultiCAN825 PreEmptSusCollMtgn 0x01 Feature disabled
0x7675 718 MultiCAN825 PreEmptSusSpeedLwr 0x01 Feature disabled
0x7677 718 MultiCAN825 PreEmptSusCnrRdEnh 0x01 Feature disabled
0x7681 719 MultiCAN826 PreEmpSusPitchDamp 0x01 Feature disabled
0x7683 719 MultiCAN826 PreEmptSusKrbStrkDt 0x00 Not Supported
0x7685 719 MultiCAN826 PreEmptSusCrPkAccHt 0x00 Not Supported
0x7687 719 MultiCAN826 PreEmpSuspBowWvDmp 0x00 Not Supported
0x7721 721 MultiCAN827 PreEmptSusPkgKrbAvd 0x01 Feature disabled
0x7724 721 MultiCAN827 AirSuspUIType 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7727 721 MultiCAN827 IMSType 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7731 722 MultiCAN828 PyroBrake 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7733 722 MultiCAN828 CentrSideAirbag 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7735 722 MultiCAN828 TaskLightingTLMB 0x00 Not Supported
0x7737 722 MultiCAN828 TaskLightingTLMC 0x00 Not Supported
0x7741 723 MultiCAN829 PNLeisureBattstatus 0x00 Not Supported
0x7744 723 MultiCAN829 AutoStpStrtButtonType 0x03 Soft Button Fitted
0x7747 723 MultiCAN829 TracDSCFitted 0x01 TracDSC not fitted
0x7757 724 MultiCAN830 IMSCalNo1 0x01 Calibration 1
0x7767 725 MultiCAN831 IMSCalNo2 0x01 Calibration 1
0x7772 726 MultiCAN832 DSCSwitchSource 0x03 Blade hosted button
0x7774 726 MultiCAN832 LSPFitment 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7777 726 MultiCAN832 4x4iD8Driveline 0x03 EVA1 torque bar signals
0x7784 727 MultiCAN833 PoliceLightsFuncReq 0x00 Not Supported
0x7787 727 MultiCAN833 SeatPeripheralCtrl 0x01 No Heating and Cooling function provided
0x7821 729 MultiCAN834 HDAdaptDrvBeam 0x01 HD ADB Not Fitted
0x7825 729 MultiCAN834 FntClimateSeatsSZM 0x01 No Heated or Climate Seats
0x7827 729 MultiCAN834 PassSeatHeelCatcher 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7834 730 MultiCAN835 RrClimateSeatsSZM 0x01 No Heated or Climate Seats
0x7837 730 MultiCAN835 SpecialVehicles 0x01 Not a Special Vehicle
0x7841 731 MultiCAN836 OCSPFitment 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7844 731 MultiCAN836 CabinSnapshot 0x00 Not Supported
0x7847 731 MultiCAN836 RemoteDeviceReminder 0x00 Not Supported
0x7852 732 MultiCAN837 ItemReminder 0x00 Not Supported
0x7855 732 MultiCAN837 TEETailgateActuation 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7857 732 MultiCAN837 ExpDateFormatSigs 0x02 Expanded Date Format Signals available
0x7861 733 MultiCAN838 SpeedoMarket 0x01 Market 0 (+3.5% +2km/h)
0x7863 733 MultiCAN838 AGMcActrFitment 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7865 733 MultiCAN838 AGMdActrFitment 0x00 Not Supported
0x7867 733 MultiCAN838 CDMHandlingPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x7873 734 MultiCAN839 PetrolEmissionsHW 0x00 Not Supported
0x7875 734 MultiCAN839 CDMISCSPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x7877 734 MultiCAN839 CTRBCSPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x7887 735 MultiCAN840 EVBattUsablekWh 0x00 Not Supported
0x7921 737 MultiCAN841 CTRBrakesPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x7923 737 MultiCAN841 CTRCDifPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x7925 737 MultiCAN841 CTRCVDPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x7927 737 MultiCAN841 CTRISCSPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x7931 738 MultiCAN842 CTRPASPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x7933 738 MultiCAN842 CTRRMPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x7935 738 MultiCAN842 CTRRWSPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x7937 738 MultiCAN842 CTRTMPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x7941 739 MultiCAN843 TRADASPartc 0x02 Participating in Mode Management
0x7943 739 MultiCAN843 TRAirSusPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x7945 739 MultiCAN843 TRARCPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x7947 739 MultiCAN843 TRISCSPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x7952 740 MultiCAN844 TRDriAdvSteering 0x02 Steering Angle Graphics Shown
0x7955 740 MultiCAN844 TRDrivelineType 0x05 Drvline only
0x7957 740 MultiCAN844 TRRWSPartc 0x01 Not Participating in Mode Management
0x7962 741 MultiCAN845 TRIconStrategy 0x02 Off Unavailable Available Active MCIP
0x7967 741 MultiCAN845 TRInputHMI 0x09 Touchscreen
0x7972 742 MultiCAN846 TRLEDStrategy 0x02 External LED control
0x7975 742 MultiCAN846 RearSeatCalfRest 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7977 742 MultiCAN846 PoweredRearSeatEntertainment 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7981 743 MultiCAN847 RearLumbarSwitchpack 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7983 743 MultiCAN847 RearMassageSwitchpack 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7985 743 MultiCAN847 WindowShortLift 0x00 Not Supported
0x7987 743 MultiCAN847 ATCMLoRngSwitchFit 0x00 Not Supported
0x7A22 745 MultiCAN848 SeatSpec 0x05 2 Seats
0x7A25 745 MultiCAN848 DepDoorHandShowMode 0x04 Deployable Door Handle Showroom Mode Disabled
0x7A27 745 MultiCAN848 FntLowerDispHaptic 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7A32 746 MultiCAN849 TailgateCloseLockSwitch 0x03 Vehicle NOT fitted with close and lock switch
0x7A35 746 MultiCAN849 DDMCalibration 0x00 Not Supported
0x7A37 746 MultiCAN849 FntUpperDispHaptic 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7A47 747 MultiCAN850 RSESubscriptionVerMSB 0x00 Not Supported
0x7A57 748 MultiCAN851 RSESubscriptionVerLSB 0x00 Not Supported
0x7A67 749 MultiCAN852 SensorSlopeType 0x03 Slope Type 130' body
0x7A72 750 MultiCAN853 PM25SensorType 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7A75 750 MultiCAN853 ATPCButtonType 0x02 Hard Button Fitted
0x7A77 750 MultiCAN853 TSSecSeatMovement 0x01 Touch Screen Control of Secondary Seat Movement - Not Fitted
0x7A82 751 MultiCAN854 RearChillerUserControl 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7A85 751 MultiCAN854 AutoBlowerIntensityLvlConfig 0x02 3 Level configuration
0x7A87 751 MultiCAN854 PhoneSignalBooster 0x00 Not Supported
0x7B22 753 MultiCAN855 ADASSpdLimOffset 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7B25 753 MultiCAN855 PersonalisationStorage 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7B27 753 MultiCAN855 FrntLoadSpaceLight 0x00 Not Supported
0x7B32 754 MultiCAN856 RrSideDrTwoStgRel 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7B35 754 MultiCAN856 TRDriAdvAirSusRcmndRse 0x01 No Recommend Raising Air Sus Messages
0x7B37 754 MultiCAN856 EVInletLidSecure 0x00 Not Supported
0x7B42 755 MultiCAN857 PwrSideDrBrakePedalClose 0x00 Not Supported
0x7B45 755 MultiCAN857 ADASAlertSensitivity 0x02 Fitted Var A (Off
0x7B47 755 MultiCAN857 RrClimateAutoSigs 0x02 Use consolidated strategy for Rear Climate Auto status
0x7B53 756 MultiCAN858 RevLampLocation 0x00 Not Supported
0x7B57 756 MultiCAN858 FogLampLocation 0x00 Not Supported
0x7B63 757 MultiCAN859 StopLampLocation 0x00 Not Supported
0x7B67 757 MultiCAN859 RrDILampLocation 0x00 Not Supported
0x7B73 758 MultiCAN860 RrPosLampLocation 0x00 Not Supported
0x7B77 758 MultiCAN860 EcoDrivingCoachVar 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7B82 759 MultiCAN861 DeployableRSEType 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7B85 759 MultiCAN861 FirstRowFridge 0x00 Not Supported
0x7B87 759 MultiCAN861 AutoHoldType 0x02 Auto
0x7C22 761 MultiCAN862 HealthWellnessActiv 0x00 Not Supported
0x7C25 761 MultiCAN862 INCARTempSensorTyp 0x03 Fitted with Non Aspirated ITOS Sensor
0x7C27 761 MultiCAN862 GSMSOption 0x01 Gear Shift Module without S option
0x7C33 762 MultiCAN863 PredictvEnrgyOptm 0x0E Not Fitted
0x7C35 762 MultiCAN863 MLASoftSwitches 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7C37 762 MultiCAN863 BrakeSystemTypeCRB 0x00 Not Supported
0x7C45 763 MultiCAN864 IPMAWSVarCal 0x00 Not Supported
0x7C47 763 MultiCAN864 AutoBlrIntenstySet 0x00 Not Supported
0x7C52 764 MultiCAN865 TemperatureUnits 0x02 Degrees C
0x7C55 764 MultiCAN865 TRClusterRibbonDir 0x04 Left to Right (Horizontal)
0x7C57 764 MultiCAN865 UsrEEBReserveMgmt 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7C62 765 MultiCAN866 EVInletLidType 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7C65 765 MultiCAN866 EVInletUnlockType 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7C67 765 MultiCAN866 SpeechSesDuckBehav 0x01 Fully Duck
0x7C72 766 MultiCAN867 EVInletLidPosition 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7C75 766 MultiCAN867 DADLSpeedOptions 0x01 Variable speed 0/5/10/20mph (0=off)
0x7C77 766 MultiCAN867 GearboxFltWarStrat 0x00 Not Supported
0x7C82 767 MultiCAN868 ASDProgMode 0x00 Not Supported
0x7C85 767 MultiCAN868 ClimateHMIControlStrategy 0x00 Not Supported
0x7C87 767 MultiCAN868 SeatbuckleLED 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7D23 769 MultiCAN869 RefrigerantLoop 0x01 No EV HFMS
0x7D25 769 MultiCAN869 PwrDoorCrankOp 0x00 Not Supported
0x7D27 769 MultiCAN869 InfotainEmerParm18 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7D32 770 MultiCAN870 BrakeDuctType 0x00 Not Supported
0x7D35 770 MultiCAN870 SmartProgramWiping 0x00 Not Supported
0x7D37 770 MultiCAN870 InfotainEmerParm20 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7D42 771 MultiCAN871 OffRoadRideHeight 0x06 Coil Suspension
0x7D45 771 MultiCAN871 MILActtDrivingCycl 0x00 Not Supported
0x7D47 771 MultiCAN871 InfotainEmerParm21 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7D54 772 MultiCAN872 HapticSeatsAudio 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7D57 772 MultiCAN872 CabinCleaning 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7D67 773 MultiCAN873 CamVideoResolution 0x01 1574 x 590
0x7D74 774 MultiCAN874 HapticSeatPowertrain 0x00 Not Supported
0x7D77 774 MultiCAN874 RainSensorType 0x03 Fitted without integrated Solar sensing
0x7D84 775 MultiCAN875 VibroAcousticTherapy 0x01 Not fitted
0x7D87 775 MultiCAN875 SVDynamicMode 0x01 Not available for selection
0x7E27 777 MultiCAN876 HapticPwrTrnCalNo 0x00 Not Supported
0x7E33 778 MultiCAN877 EnhFiltrationAQI 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7E37 778 MultiCAN877 InfotainEmerParm22 0x00 Not Supported
0x7E41 779 MultiCAN878 PNCabinCleaning 0x00 Not Supported
0x7E43 779 MultiCAN878 SpeedLimitAdapt 0x00 Not Supported
0x7E45 779 MultiCAN878 CornerSpeedAdapt 0x00 Not Supported
0x7E47 779 MultiCAN878 AlcoholIntLKDevice 0x00 Not Supported
0x7E57 780 MultiCAN879 CabinCleanCyclTime 0xFE Not Fitted
0x7E67 781 MultiCAN880 InfotainEmerParm23 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7E77 782 MultiCAN881 InfotainEmerParm24 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7E83 783 MultiCAN882 RefrigerantSnsHVAC 0x02 ICE
0x7E87 783 MultiCAN882 SidebarControls 0x01 Legacy
0x7F23 785 MultiCAN883 HibernatedNavSys 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7F27 785 MultiCAN883 InfotainEmerParm27 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7F33 786 MultiCAN884 InfotainEmerParm28 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7F35 786 MultiCAN884 bCallSoftkey 0x00 Not Supported
0x7F37 786 MultiCAN884 IVIClusterImgType 0x01 Frame Grab
0x7F44 787 MultiCAN885 PAFSModeSelection 0x00 Not Supported
0x7F47 787 MultiCAN885 TailgateGlassType 0x00 Not Supported
0x7F51 788 MultiCAN886 CTRPtsqPartc 0x00 Not Supported
0x7F53 788 MultiCAN886 12VBattFanFitment 0x00 Not supported
0x7F57 788 MultiCAN886 DrvAssistModeDisp 0x01 Not Fitted
0x7F65 789 MultiCAN887 SVShiftLightAmber 0x00 Not Supported
0x7F67 789 MultiCAN887 MultiColBrake 0x00 Not Supported
0x7F75 790 MultiCAN888 SVShiftLightRed 0x00 Not Supported
0x7F77 790 MultiCAN888 LADSSWSButtonFittm 0x00 Not Supported
0x7F85 791 MultiCAN889 SVShftLghtRedFlash 0x00 Not Supported
0x7F87 791 MultiCAN889 GSR2EUMarktFt 0x00 Not Supported
0x8025 793 MultiCAN890 StartupLogo 0x00 Not Supported
0x8027 793 MultiCAN890 IVILoRngSwitchFit 0x01 IVI Low Range Button Not Fitted
0x8034 794 MultiCAN891 SVShftightHysteres 0x00 Not Supported
0x8037 794 MultiCAN891 AEBMenu 0x02 Pre-GSR2 AEB Menu Fitted
0x8044 795 MultiCAN892 SideBarClimate 0x01 Climate Icon on Side Bar Not Available
0x8047 795 MultiCAN892 LaneAssistMenu 0x01 Not Fitted
0x8052 796 MultiCAN893 OverSpdLimWarnSel 0x01 Not Fitted
0x8055 796 MultiCAN893 NewSpdLimAudioAlrt 0x01 Not Fitted
0x8057 796 MultiCAN893 VehicleClassific 0x00 Not Supported
0x8062 797 MultiCAN894 DriverCondMonMenu 0x02 Driver fatigue and rest areas Pre-GSR2 Settings Fitted
0x8065 797 MultiCAN894 VolumeSoftKeys 0x01 Not Fitted
0x8067 797 MultiCAN894 DrvModeSwitchMsg 0x01 No Driver Mode Messages Display
0x8072 798 MultiCAN895 HDCButtonType 0x02 Hard Button Fitted
0x8075 798 MultiCAN895 TSRSpdLimDispConv 0x00 Not Supported
0x8077 798 MultiCAN895 HibernatedNav 0x00 Not Supported
0x8082 799 MultiCAN896 ReCircSoftBtn 0x01 Not Fitted
0x8084 799 MultiCAN896 FLCHeating 0x00 Not Supported
0x8087 799 MultiCAN896 eTSRFaultInd 0x00 Not Supported
0x8121 801 MultiCAN897 MaxACSoftBtn 0x01 Not Fitted
0x8123 801 MultiCAN897 MaxDefrostSoftBtn 0x01 Not Fitted
0x8125 801 MultiCAN897 ACOnOffSoftBtn 0x01 Not Fitted
0x8127 801 MultiCAN897 AutoClimateSoftBtn 0x01 Front AUTO Climate Soft Button Not Fitted