V8 CCF Editor built in hex editor and multi table comparison system now available

Saturday, July 24, 2021
by Oliveston Ltd

Made some updates to how the tables work in V8 to fix a couple of minor issues, also I have added the Hex editor so that Hex values can be edited. If you select the parameter you want to change then go to Edit->Hex Edit the editor will open with the relevant byte selected. Click Update to save the value back to the main Window/Tab.


V8 editor to you first it gives the ability to open up to three files simultaneously useful if you are working on multiple vehicles on SDD.


Someone pointed out a small bug in V7 that also appeared in V8 that if you used the cursor key to travel through the file on some files it would stop and you would have to click on the line below to start again. It appeared in V8 as well so I have fixed it in both.


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