JLR Full Access Online System for Jaguar and Land Rover Engineer account SDD Pathfinder Cloud

Sunday, December 11, 2022
by Oliveston Ltd

JLR Full Access Online System for Jaguar and Land Rover Engineer account SDD Pathfinder Cloud

Supreme Authority JLR Dealer Online System Login Accounts for Jaguar & LandRover

Use Cloud or  Pathfinder or SDD    with full diagrams support  and  have Authroised users Access

This service is time limited. The listing  is for special for customer who already have SDD, PATHFINDER Cloud Software ready to use. When you want to run the Software's to do Module Programming and update software, You will be asked to enter the user  login for TOPIX  to access. 


  • VCI Cable kits in our website optionally
  • Time for Login Account will start automatically when we remotely get your account activated and revieve email from out shopping car that your order is completed
  • Your can’t log in when the time out. You can contact us and pay to renew your TOPIX Account 
  • One JLR Account only works on single laptop only and cant be transferred.
  • This is only offer for JLR ONLINE Login service
  • Please make sure your equipment and knowledge of how to use the services supplied are up to date.

 if you dont want a username and password so can access online topix within the  sdd or pathfinder use this link for pathfinder and this one for sdd Activation.

Or if you want to order laptop and original Bosch VCI with Pathfinder ready loaded and Activated with SDD check here

How it works?

  • For the new customer who is the first time use our Topix Account Login system, we will need your remote information to setup the program
  • Buy in advance, use it when you have a car ready to test. 
  • Unlimited login during the valid service dates
  • After activated, you can not change laptop.


What can this online account do?

  • This is the Original dealer account, With this online programming account, you can perform Diagnostic and Module Programming on your Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, including Control Unit Re coding and Adaptation, Component Protection Removal – Enabling full functionality on new control units. 

Note: This account does support 

That means you're able to get the Service Publications online subscription of Workshop Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Power Train Control and Emission Diagnostic Manuals. and you can perform Key Programming and Immobilizer Programming with this account