Save thousands of pounds by buying these KVM flash files, without having the need to buy all the KVM modules, write these files to the used KVM without having to replace the module.

Do you have a used KVM and wish to have it virginised so that it can be programmed with SDD or DoIP Again ?

Receive the P-Flash D-Flash and Eeprom Data from us and then write this back to the KVM to Virginise. 

Use a Programmer to Read the MCU Data

After you write back the files to the chip its possible to program the unit back in the car using SDD or Pathfinder.

As there are many different KVM part numbers and it is literally impossible to stock them.

If you have a SDD or Pathfinder Package with a KVM Programming tool then you can code the same KVM you took out back in to the vehicle after its been virginsed as if it came from the Factory or Dealer in new Blank Condition.

Pease note these are only virgin files not control module!!

Note: These files require a programmer to write them in your RFA control module, also would require the JLR software to reprogram it.

Files shall be emailed immediately, once payment has been made.