Lock50 JLR OBD Link Tool HW04-B Worldwide R8E2 + M8E2 Latest Locked BCM Key Programming Supported to 24+

Wednesday, April 24, 2024
by Oliveston Ltd

  • Lock50 JLR OBD Link Tool HW04-B Worldwide (2017 to 2024+)
  • Need To Replace Locked RFA with NEW Unlocked RFA & Can Add Remove Keys Even When BCM is Locked without Replacing with a New one.
  • R8E2 + M8E2 Latest BCM Supported

When Topix and other Tools force you to look for a new Virgin BCM to able program spare key then be prepared to do more work and spend more time sourcing hard to find parts and fitting the New BCM.

The Lock50 HW04-B  Users are Giving time to things that deserve spending time on like  Reading and Exercising and Praying and thanking the Lord of the Worlds and spending quality time with thier loved ones.

Dont Loose Hair or Sleep  and be able to do jobs same day and fast without having to return to jobs a second time.

Substantial savings can be made in terms of time & Energy and Resources when you owm the Lock50 HW04-B or HW04-C Tool to avoid having to Swap and Program New Body Control Modules.

This all Depends how much your time is worth if we calculate the extra time  and cost of Replacing a New BCM.

Average Price  £400  of New BCM and not always Dealers Have Stock for same Day Collections either. 

So you need check the EPC JLR Parts Catalogue via vin to know the Part number and then Start Searching for Stock and then waiting before you can go to the booked in Job for which you supplied a Quote for.

If say the Job is 1 Hour Away and need travel thier and back and  spend  normally 30 min to 1 hour on spare or Lost Key Jobs when the BCM was not Locked and Vehicle.

Now with the Locked BCM change will add extra Few Hours to Many hours in the Day to Complete if your using Dealer Tool like Topix Cloud or any other After market JLR Key programming tools to flash them.

  • Lock50 HW04-B Users do not need to Replace with a new BCM Modules and only Need new RFA to 2024+

We also have Remote Login support for Lock50 users and can help solve your JLR vehicles faster.