Lock50 V1.0.8 SW09 Now updated with Copy Key function from ISK and ID

Thursday, February 9, 2023
by Oliveston Ltd

Dont you wish life is simpler and you can avoid risking bricking cars when adding keys and without any kind of dealer tool or obd programming ?   

Welcome to Lock50 where we are here to keep things simple and risk free and  where ever solder free.

Use the coming Lock50  to  Read via obd or on the bench with the HW04 Obd Device along with the  HW13 Adapter for the newer RFA with ST chips.

However its all Good that Data can be Read  without Soldering and without opening the Module in Seconds for  60 percent of the Locked or unlocked Modules in the world. If the data cannot be read this way and the module is unlocked you can dump the Mcu data using HW03 and VVDI Prog and use that also for any  unlocked kvm in the world emulate from.

Now the Data can be used to write the data to any of the Lock50 emulators.

In the past the HW02 was used and can only perform Emergency start after programming.

Already using the SW09 can emulate full remote functions for the Older RFA on to the HW05 to HW12 Emulators from files alone and without writing back new files to the KVMs from  2010  to  2018 with the 9S12 Chips   but now news its  

its possible to also write the  newer ST chips data on the any of the Lock50 HW05 to HW12 emulators with Remote functions.

Note the Remote function is ready to use for Non Peps RFA that use  1 Plug   and for 2 or 3 Plug RFA types with PEPS to use the keys remote its required to Modify the Car Config Data in the BCM to Disable the UWB 

You may be wondering how this can help  you in your key programming adventures ?

Well now its possible to Make a Key with Remote Function from the Newer Type RFA with ST  without being in the Car and without you having to connect to the BCM to Exctract Remote Sync info  from the Car making it even safer to work on these cars.

On top of that  if you have faulty keys  for any change id  keys  used or orignal keys that are unlocked  simply copy the key in 2 min on to the HW05 to HW12  emulator.   Copy  on to Non Oem  or Our OEM 7953 Keys directly and of cource you can always use the dump make a copy of an existing slot.