Pathfinder new update now available for JLR

Thursday, June 15, 2023
by Oliveston Ltd

Pathfinder  new  update now available for JLR     

Existing clients  add in whatapp  and will help u update free

1- Default ECU successfully identified
2- Adding XCL 23MY
3- Disable immob for 23MY and chances the algorithm - v5.2
4- Manual selection for EVA2 in China vehicles - v5.7
5- Includes the fix given on GCM_RFA_REC
6- Includes the DTC decoder provided on MP_PF_R0171
7- Includes the application "DTC U201A-54 / U201A-56 - Front Axle Disconnect Module (FACM) Calibration Routine"
8- Includes the application "Rolling Code Synchronization"
9- Include the fix for the "Jaguar Drive ControlContainment action" on the GWM
v9.1: Fix an issue where the "Jaguar Drive ControlContainment action" wasn't shown to the technician
v9.2: Includes Brazil vehicles 2023MY / Identifies Range Rover L551 (EVA2) - China Market
v9.3: Stop the SW download on RFA EVA2 vehicles to avoid getting the module into BootNoStrategy
v9.4: Includes an extra-assembly for X760 / RFA
v9.5: skip ODST on "Ultra Wide Band SAT Replacement"
v9.6: Added the fix for "Default ECU" in IPMA
v9.7: Added the assembly HPLA-19G481-M# to identify the RFA
v10.0: Added the fix for "Default ECU" in CHCM and CHCMB. Validate the patch for October. Added assemblies on the TCM
V10.1: Includes an extra-assembly for L494 / RFA
V11.1: Validate the patch for November. Disable add accessories on PATHFINDER
V11.2: Added the fix for "Default ECU" in BCCM
V12.0: Validate the patch for December
V12.1: Added an specific assembly for X152 PCM