VAG Group Dealer Level Diagnostics Programming Laptop ODIS

Monday, February 22, 2021
by Oliveston Ltd
VAG Group Dealer Level Diagnostics Programming Laptop ODIS

VAG Group Dealer Level Diagnostics Programming Laptop ODIS Pre Installed VW Audi seat skoda Lamborghini Man Trucks Bugatti Bentley

ODIS Independent programming – with security access – necessary to program the IPC, BCM, ECM (PCM), KVM, as well as keys. and Immobilizer Programming, Control Unit Re coding and Adaptation, Component Protection Removal – Enabling full functionality on new control units.

Buy in advance,login when you have the car ready to test. Service time starts from the first successful login the als program

ODIS Geko Online Login System

Geko user is required for ODIS Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda Module Programming including the security access (Key Programming and Immobilizer Programming), Control Unit Recoding and Adaptation, Component Protection Removal – Enabling full functionality on new control units.


What is ODIS Service Software?

ODIS is the short of Offboard Diagnostic Information System.

The Offboard Diagnostic Information System software is the program that provides you with an interface that complies with SAE J2534 (diagnostic interface). This software enables you to diagnose all Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley and Lamborghini brand vehicles.

Furthermore, you have access to the following information during the vehicle diagnosis:

  • Vehicle data
  • Repair manuals (Elsapro user required)
  • Circuit diagrams (Elsapro user required)
  • Field actions
  • Technical product information

This information is only available in the diagnostic software during an active diagnostic session.


How will this Geko User Account works?

  • For the new user first time use, we need your team viewer info to setup a special app. then We will send you a code after you pay. For return users, he will be able to renew his account by himself with new license.
  • When you have the car ready to test, connect the 5054 interface to laptop and obd CAR OBD Port.
  • Run your ODIS software, start diagnosis and scan all module lists, step by step until reach to the screen which the system asking you enter Geko user info.
  • Open the login program. press “ok” button, then you will automatically log in the official server in seconds. no need enter the password manually.
  • Buy in advance, Service time starts form the first successful login
  • Unlimited login during the valid service hours
  • You can not change laptop after account activated.


What can this ODIS Geko account do?

  • This is the Original ODIS Independent programming online account, link to original official server.

With this ODIS online programming account, you can perform Diagnostic and Module Programming on your Volk-swagen, Audi, Skoda vehicles, including the security access (Key Programming and Immobilizer Programming), Control Unit Recoding and Adaptation, Component Protection Removal – Enabling full functionality on new control units.

Note: This account do not support RADIO login and ETKA/ELSA (Technical Online Product Information Exchange) System login: Bulletins + workshop Manual + Wiring Diagrams + Electrical Reference Library + Sessions ODIS software update online).

That means you’re unable to get the Service Publications online subscription of Workshop Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, PowerTrain Control and Emission Diagnostic Manuals. Also It’s impossible to retrofit MEDIA parts onto VW/AUDI/SKODA cars with this account.

  • What you can not do ?

1, Original factory is not allowed online operation. e.g.

Ø  Illegal modification of vehicles.

Ø  Matching illegal parts.

Ø  The vehicle was not allowed to be modified by the tool.

2, software version is too old caused can not support online ,

3, Cracked version of the software is not allowed

  • What you need prepare.

1, One dealership level diagnostic tool VAS5054A, VAS5055, VAS6154 interface which compatible with original ODIS software

2, One laptop with latest ODIS-S software ready.








ODIS ElsaPro Online Access System

Wondering Circuit Diagrams and Repair Manuals for Volkswagen Audi Skoda cars made from 2017 up?  Get them from your ODIS ElsaPro

Elsapro can access to the following information during the vehicle diagnosis::

    • – Vehicle data
    • – Repair manuals
    • – Circuit diagrams
    • – Field actions
    • – Technical product information


System requirements 

The following requirements must be met in order to operate the Offboard Diagnostic Information System software:

  • Operating system: Micro-soft® Windows 7 (64 Bit)
  • CPU: at least 1 GHz, recommended: 2 GHz dual-core processor
  • RAM: at least 2 GB, recommended: 4 GB + activated virtual memory
  • Hard drive: at least 50 GB free memory
  • Graphics: at least 800 x 600, recommended: 1024 x 768
  • Miscellaneous:
    • One free USB port for the diagnostic interface
    • DVD drive
    • Online connection

The following VAS diagnostic interfaces are supported:

  • VAS 6154 (WLAN capable) (Windows 7 + Windows 10)
  • VAS 5054A (wireless via Blue-tooth) (Windows 7)
  • VAS 5055 (cable via USB connection) (Windows 7)










VAG ETKA 8.1 Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC)


Multilingual language

Note: VIN SEARCH WILL NOT WORK with this version. 


AG ETKA 8.0 details genuine original parts from Volkswagen Group’s four mainstream marques of automobiles, Volkswagen, SEAT, Škoda, and Audi. It also covers Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Volkswagen Marine, and Volkswagen Industrial Motor. The coverage ranges from the 1947 Volkswagen Beetle, right through to the latest present day vehicles and associated applications.

This Audi, Volk-swagen (VW) Seat & Skoda Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) identifies all parts and part numbers for all VAG vehicles. Exploded diagrams help with vehicle assembly and part identification all on one handy Download.




Online ETKA Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) for Volkswagen, AUDI, SEAT SKODA

Support VIN SEARCH. 

 The price is for install the etka and give  user authorization on single computer only.





Package Deals With Ready Setup Solutions 












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