Battery Energy Control Module (BECM) Software Update

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
by Oliveston Ltd

Battery Energy Control Module (BECM) Software Update

Number: H280v2

Changes are highlighted in blue


Battery Energy Control Module (BECM) Software Update

Publication No.: H280v2
Model: I-PACE (X590)
Model Year: 2020
VIN Range: F76790 - F90422
Model: I-PACE (X590)
Model Year: 2019
VIN Range: F60183 - F76658
Model: I-PACE (X590)
Model Year: 2020
VIN Range: 600068 - 601647
Date of Issue: 03/03/2020
Expiry Date: 28/02/2022

All National Sales Companies (NSCs), importers, retailers and authorized repairers (excluding North America)

For the Attention of: The Managing Director, Sales Director and Customer Service Director
Related information: This bulletin has been re-issued to notify of the assured VIN. This bulletin is valid for two years only. Repairs must be complete and warranty claims accepted for payment prior to the expiry date at the top of this bulletin.

Dear Colleagues

A potential concern has been identified on specific vehicles within the above Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) range.

A Battery Energy Control Module (BECM) software update is available for vehicles to provide the latest charging improvements which have already completed campaign H264 prior to 29th January 2020.

Action to be taken

Unsold vehicles must be repaired prior to handover of the vehicle for retail sale.

At the next opportunity, you are requested to repair the vehicle.

Check the JLR claims submission system to make sure that the vehicle is affected by this bulletin prior to starting this service instruction. The claims submission system will be updated to reflect only those vehicles affected. Should you require a list of the affected vehicles, please contact the JLR Field Actions team by email at All overseas requests should be forwarded via the NSC / Regional Office only.

At the time of confirming a booking for a vehicle repair, make sure that all outstanding bulletins are identified to make sure the correct parts are available and adequate workshop time is allocated for repairs to be completed at one visit.


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