About our company

We are a company called Oliveston Ltd from the UK

Started trading back in 2015 

If you check back then only the Dealer would get the job.

Arrival of Oliveston Ltd in to this marketplace and  the JLR diagnostic and programming market is never the same.

We supply globally and offer many kinds of packages to suit all Budgets

Others may only sell we sell and offer support and training and custom mods and coding services.

Tool Downtime is 24 hours Max.  Our Clients are offered remote Teamviwer login to resolve support issues in minutes to hours. 

No one offers JLR support like we do.

We are 100 Dedicated to Tools & Support Services for JLR.



Supply Car Diagnostics Dealer Level software with global shipping options for many Brands of Vehicles

Feel free to contact us on 0330 2233446 for any info