Will my Land Rover work with the JLR SDD Software?

Will my Land Rover work with the JLR SDD Software?

As long as your Jaguar is between 1997 and 2017 and your Land Rover is between 2005-2017, our kits will work. (OBD2 port must be present.) Note for newer models its required to have the higher version for the software to work best. check features page for years and models supported for each kit.

i Have an old Model Jaguar From 1995 to 2006. Can these kits work for me ?

Does the Kit support Flashing / Programming Modules ?

Is Key and KVM Programming Supported

What is the difference between IDS and SDD?

Is IDS Integrated Diagnostic Software used on Jaguars pre 2005

Yes the old program to work on the jags before 2005 is called IDS. We have v128 and V131 that have this software included and only runs on win XP sp3

Is System Driven Dynamics SDD Software used on Jaguars and Land rovers after 2005

Yes after 2007 IDS went out and in came SDD with better interface and functions .

JLR IDS SDD Software Downloads FAQ ?

Where can i download the IDS Software to use with my own VCM ?

After Purchasing the Online version we will send you a download link via email. Click on the link in the email to start downloading the files.

Which other program do i need to open the files you send in the download ?

It as always best to have a copy these programs winrar winzip 7zip and a pdf reading program

Do i need to install the SDD IDS on my PC ?

Depending on which version your purchase the requirements for the operating system may differ. You either need windows XP sp3 or windows 7 to run the softwares.

Can i Buy Ready installed Virtual Machines to cut down install time ?

Yes so you can get setup fast we have some virtual versions preinstalled for you and can be up and running within 15 mins of receiving your kit instead of spending hours to get setup. Best of all you dont need be connected to the net to use the softwares and can be used offline.

JLR Mangoose Cable with SDD Software FAQ

What Os can i run V131 on ?

What Os can i run V138 on ?

Which Laptop can i run V131 on ?

Which Laptop can i run V138 or V139 Virtual Machine vmware file on ?

Can i use 64 Bit OS on Laptop with Win XP or Win 7 to run the 32 Bit win 7 Files for V138 or V139 ?

Which Laptop can i run V156 SDD on ?

Absolute min is dual core 2 GB Ram 80 GB hard disk But to run well i5 4 gb ram or higher with ssd hard disk Win 7 8 or 10 can be used 32 or 64 bit

Which Laptop can i run Pathfinder on ?

To run well i5 4 gb ram or higher with ssd hard disk Win 7 8 or 10 can be used 32 or 64 bit

What laptop do I need?

What the minimum spec of the laptop i want to use need to be for IDS or SDD

Our kits are designed to work on any laptop. We recommend a minimum spec of: Core2duo, 2gb ram, 50gb free hard drive space.

Which OS do i need to run IDS SDD on my laptop ?

For diffrent version the OS requirements may differ. Eg V128 V131 need windows XP SP3 & V138 or higher need windows 7 Professional.

What is Native install and Virtual Install Mean ?

When you install the program on your laptop this is called a native install. If you are using the virtual machines softwares that come ready to load and don't need installing in your pc and can use after downloading and extracting in the VMware or Virtualbox softwares.

Why Passthru ?

Why Passthru ?

What do you need to execute a flashing of the ECU's ?

Can i Do Programming with this diagnostics Kit

Can update the Software in the modules like at the Dealers ?

Can i program new Virgin Parts in the Car ?


What is JLR Pathfinder Software

Which Land Rover Jaguar Model use Doip Pathfinder ?

What do I need to use PATHFINDER for ?

Downloading and Installing PATHFINDER

Installing the Diagnostics over Internet Protocol (DoIP) Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) unit

Setting Preferences in PATHFINDER

How Do i know when to use Pathfinder SDD or IDS on my Jaguar Land rover Range Rover ?

Which car model to use IDS on ?

Which car model to use SDD on ?

Which car model to use PATHFINDER on ?

Garages and Work Shops FAQ

I own a Garage and want to offer Land Rover Jaguar Servicing or diagnostics or programming

Im an independent Auto Electrician. Is this kit good for me ?

Im a Car Dealer and do alot of jags and land rover and can it benefit me ?

Do you offer Online Topix with wiring Diagrams and Servicing Manuals ?

Do you offer Remote Support Packages as im new to this and need Support

What is Teamviewer and how to use it


Getting started

The download

For Windows Users

TeamViewer ID

Password for spontaneous support

Random Password after each session

Password for unattended access Personal password

How to Program Car Keys on L322

How do you code a key on a Range Rover L322 vehicle?

How To choose the VCM

What is a vcm and why is it needed ?

types of VCMs

types of protocols and year supported for vcm and protocols