Will my Land Rover work with the JLR SDD Software?

Will my Land Rover / Jaguar work with the JLR SDD Software?

As long as your Jaguar is between 1997 and 2019 and your Land Rover is between 2005-2019, our kits will work. (OBD2 port must be present.) Note for newer models its required to have the higher version for the software to work best. check features page for years and models supported for each kit.

i Have an old Model Jaguar From 1995 to 2006. Can these kits work for me ?

Older models of Jaguar are Supported in V131 or Lower Versions. IDS is the software used for these models.

The V131 Software has both the SDD & IDS.

To use IDS for the older models its required to type in the VIN number and then Identify to bring up the pop up window that loads IDS.

For models after 2006 can simply Read the Vin without entering manually to use the SDD Software as support of IDS ends in 2005 and they switched over the the SDD.

Does the Kit support Flashing / Programming Modules ?

Yes Programming Functions are supported in our Kits.

You can Flash update Modules with newer firmwares or Program Virgin Parts to match the Car Vin

Is Key and KVM Programming Supported

Yes is Supported

What is the difference between IDS and SDD?

Is IDS Integrated Diagnostic Software used on Jaguars pre 2005

Yes the old program to work on the jags before 2005 is called IDS. We have v128 and V131 that have this software included and only runs on win XP sp3

Is System Driven Dynamics SDD Software used on Jaguars and Land rovers after 2005

Yes after 2007 IDS went out and in came SDD with better interface and functions .

JLR IDS SDD Software Downloads FAQ ?

Where can i download the IDS Software to use with my own VCM ?

After Purchasing the Online version we will send you a download link via email. Click on the link in the email to start downloading the files.

Which other program do i need to open the files you send in the download ?

It as always best to have a copy these programs winrar winzip 7zip and a pdf reading program

Do i need to install the SDD IDS on my PC ?

Depending on which version your purchase the requirements for the operating system may differ. You either need windows XP sp3 or windows 7 to run the softwares.

Can i Buy Ready installed Virtual Machines to cut down install time ?

Yes so you can get setup fast we have some virtual versions preinstalled for you and can be up and running within 15 mins of receiving your kit instead of spending hours to get setup. Best of all you dont need be connected to the net to use the softwares and can be used offline.

JLR Mangoose Cable with SDD Software FAQ

What Os can i run V131 on ?

Windows Xp Pro Sp 2 or Sp3 32 Bit System

What Os can i run V138 on ?

Windows Xp Pro or Win 7 Pro 32 Bit System

Which Laptop can i run V131 on ?

Dell or Panasonic is Best

Asus HP not all work

Which Laptop can i run V138 or V139 Virtual Machine vmware file on ?

V138 need a Dual core Cpu

V139 needs a i3 or i5 Cpu or higher

Can i use 64 Bit OS on Laptop with Win XP or Win 7 to run the 32 Bit win 7 Files for V138 or V139 ?

Some Laptops with i3 Cpu or higher can run the 32 bit version of Vmware in 64 Bit System

Simply Extract the files and install the 64 Bit Os drivers on the Native OS

check settings in your bios are ok and is possible.

Otherwise stick to 32 Bit OS if use a dual core or lower CPU

Which Laptop can i run V156 SDD on ?

Absolute min is dual core 2 GB Ram 80 GB hard disk But to run well i5 4 gb ram or higher with ssd hard disk Win 7 8 or 10 can be used 32 or 64 bit

Which Laptop can i run Pathfinder on ?

To run well i5 4 gb ram or higher with ssd hard disk Win 7 8 or 10 can be used 32 or 64 bit

What laptop do I need?

What the minimum spec of the laptop i want to use need to be for IDS or SDD

Our kits are designed to work on any laptop. We recommend a minimum spec of: Core2duo, 2gb ram, 50gb free hard drive space.

Which OS do i need to run IDS SDD on my laptop ?

For diffrent version the OS requirements may differ. Eg V128 V131 need windows XP SP3 & V138 or higher need windows 7 Professional.

What is Native install and Virtual Install Mean ?

When you install the program on your laptop this is called a native install. If you are using the virtual machines softwares that come ready to load and don't need installing in your pc and can use after downloading and extracting in the VMware or Virtualbox softwares.

Download links:

Where to Download Latest SDD Software ?

JLR SDD 151.xx 152 Original Link From JLR.

JLR Server


PATHFINDER is the all new diagnostic system specifically designed and released for the introduction of the following vehicles.

Land Rover:
  1. Range Rover L405 (17MY)
  2. Range Rover Sport L494 (17MY)
  3. New Discovery L462 (17MY)

  1. F-TYPE X152 (18MY)
  2. F-PACE X761 (18MY)
  3. XE X760 (18MY)
  4. XF X260 (18MY)

These vehicles have been designed to communicate with new high speed communication protocols. This allows faster software download, programming and communication, making it faster to use and saving valuable time.

These vehicles can ONLY communicate with the all new PATHFINDER diagnostic software using the new Diagnostics over Internet Protocol (DoIP) Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) unit which conforms to the new communication protocol.

Installing PATHFINDER software
  1. The PATHFINDER software is designed to be installed to your existing JLR Approved Diagnostic Equipment. Please make sure you have the latest level of SDD software installed before beginning the PATHFINDER software installation.
  2. Make sure there are no external USB flash drives inserted into the machine.
  3. Due to software file size, the software download and installation process will take some time.
Downloading and Installing PATHFINDER
  1. Make sure that the approved hardware is connected to the internet.
  2. Open Internet Explorer
  3. Using the following URL, Download the PATHFINDER software:
    1. http://diagnosticdelivery.jlrext.com/pathfinder/jaguarlandrover_connect_updater.exe
  4. Select ‘Save’, select ‘Desktop’, select ‘Save’.
  5. The software file will now download.
  6. Select ‘Run’.
  7. A security warning window will appear, select ‘Run’.
  8. The Jaguar Land Rover Connect Setup Wizard will now begin.
  9. The ‘Welcome to the Jaguar Land Rover Connect Setup Wizard’ pop up will appear. Select ‘Next’.
  10. The 'Select Additional Tasks' pop up will appear. Do not select the ‘Create a desktop icon’. Select ‘Next’.
    1. Note: The installation progress will be shown on screen.
  11. After installation, the 'Completing the Jaguar Land Rover Connect Setup Wizard' will appear. Select ‘Finish’.
  12. The machine will now restart.
  13. The Internet Explorer will open with your homepage or the new JLR App Launcher screen will open.
    1. Note: The PATHFINDER icon will not work until the software download has completed.
  14. The PATHFINDER software will automatically download in the background.
    1. Note: To check the software download progress, select the ‘Hidden Icon’ arrow in the bottom right hand of the screen (Windows system tray). Right click the ‘Connect’ icon, select ‘Check for Updates’ and view the Jaguar Land Rover Application progress bar.
    2. Note: Due to software file size, the software download and installation process will take some time, please be patient.
    3. Note: Do not attempt to use PATHFINDER or SDD until the software download and installation has completed.
  15. The ‘Jaguar Land Rover Connect Updater’ pop up will appear, select ‘Install Now’.
    1. Note: If the ‘Please close JLRAppLauncher to continue the installation’ pop up appears, hover the cursor over the ‘JLR Application Launcher’ icon on the ‘Windows Task Bar’ at the bottom of the screen. Right click on the icon and select ‘Close Window’. Select ‘Continue’ on the ‘JLRAppLauncher message’ pop up.
  16. The ‘JLRAppLauncher message’ pop up will close, PATHFINDER is now installing, please be patient.
  17. Select the ‘Hidden Icon’ arrow in the bottom right hand of the screen (Windows system tray). Select the ‘Connect’ icon and view the ‘Jaguar Land Rover Application progress bar.
  18. When the progress bars display 100%, select ‘Close’.
  19. PATHFINDER is now installed.
Installing the Diagnostics over Internet Protocol (DoIP) Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) unit
  1. PATHFINDER requires a DoIP VCI unit to communicate with the 2017 model year Range Rover L405, Range Rover Sport L494 and New Discovery L462.
  2. The DoIP VCI must be the only VCI connected to the JLR Approved Diagnostic Equipment when using PATHFINDER. Future PATHFINDER communications will appear soon in the ‘Activity Stream’ section on TOPIx. Every retailer MUST have the DoIP VCI available in their workshop. The DoIP VCI is the only JLR approved VCI unit that can communicate with the 2017 model year vehicles identified earlier.
  3. Please be aware that the following instructions are only applicable for the first use of the VCI. Once the initial installation and settings have been completed, the DoIP VCI is plug and play with the PATHFINDER software.
  1. Insert the DoIP VCI USB cable into the DoIP VCI device and the JLR Approved Diagnostic Equipment.
    1. Note: The ‘USB Input Device’ pop up will appear, select ‘X’ and close the pop up.
  2. Select the ‘Windows’ key.
  3. Select ‘All Programs’.
  4. Select ‘Bosch’.
  5. Select ‘VCI Software (JLR)’.
  6. Select ‘VCI Manager (JLR)’.
  7. Select the VCI icon displayed on screen.
  8. Select ‘Connect to VCI’
  9. Select ‘VCI Update’.
  10. Select ‘Start Update’.
  11. The ‘VCI Manager Information’ pop up will appear, select ‘OK’ to continue.
    1. Note: Do not disconnect the DoIP VCI from the JLR Approved Diagnostic Equipment during the update process.
    2. Note: The DoIP VCI update process will take approximately 12 minutes to complete.
  12. The DoIP VCI will now automatically restart.
  13. Wait for the DoIP VCI to give an audible beep. Select ‘OK’ to continue.
  14. Select ‘X’ and close the ‘VCI Manager’.
  15. The DoIP VCI is ready for use Setting Preferences in PATHFINDER
Setting Preferences in PATHFINDER
  1. Select the PATHFINDER icon on the ‘JLR Application Launcher’.
  2. Select ‘Other User’ and enter your ‘User Identification’ and Password details.
  3. Select ‘Independent Operator’ or ‘Authorised Repairer’.
  4. Select ‘OK’ and log in.
  5. Read the content of the ‘Warning’ pop up and select ‘OK’.
  6. Select the three bar icon in the top right of the screen. Select the ‘Settings’ icon’.
  7. Select the ‘Communication Interface’ tab. Select ‘D-PDU’.
  8. The ‘Windows Security Alert – Windows Firewall’ pop up is displayed.
    1. Note: Do not select ‘Cancel’ when the ‘Windows Security Alert’ pop up is displayed.
  9. In the ‘Windows Security Alert – Windows Firewall’ pop up, select the check boxes for ‘Private Networks’ and ‘Public Networks’, then select ‘Allow Access’.
  10. The preferences have now been set in PATHFINDER.
    1. Note: Once the initial installation and settings have been completed, the DoIP VCI is plug and play with the PATHFINDER software.


All Retailers must install PATHFINDER to all Jaguar Land Rover Approved Diagnostic Equipment.

Important information:

Symptom Driven Diagnostics (SDD) does not have the functionality to communicate with these 2017 model year vehicles.

PATHFINDER is the ONLY diagnostic tool to be used for the 2017 model year vehicles identified previously.

Why Passthru ?

Why Passthru ?

Why Passthru ?

It is sometimes necessary to reprogram ECU's to regulate and repair cars equipped with OBD systems.

Until now, the ECU's reprogramming capabilities were integrated in OEM's specific diagnostic tools. A consumer had to rely on the car manufacturers dealership. Any non franchise dealership would have to invest in obtaining specialised tools (one per brand!) to be able to perform ECU reprogramming. This factor places the freelance dealership in a non competitive position which ultimately will impact a consumers' freedom of dealership choice.

What is defined in the Passthru specification ?

The protocols which have to be supported by a PASS THRU device in order to be fully compliant are:
- K-Line ISO 9141
- KWP 2000 ISO 14230-4
- SAE J1850 PWM
- SAE J1850 VPW
- CAN 2.0B ISO 11898
- CAN ISO 15765-4

- SCI SAE J2610

What do you need to execute a flashing of the ECU's ?

A device alone is not enough to reprogram the ECU's. To do that, you have to get the software application from the car manufacturer. This software application can be delivered on Internet or on a CD according to the manufacturer. Some car manufacturers decided to check their application with PASS THRU hardware devices in order to assure the function of a device together with the software. We recommend you to check the compliance of a PASS THRU device and the recommendation of the car manufacturer before purchase.

Can i Do Programming with this diagnostics Kit

Can update the Software in the modules like at the Dealers ?

Yes sure

These are Pro level kits and support software updating the ECU Softwares to newer ones.

Each Module has a Flash memory that controls how it works. Over time these get updated to enhance car functions

Normally need to visit the Dealer to do this . But now with our kits you can do from your home workshop or garage.

Can i program new Virgin Parts in the Car ?

If the Dealer can do it so can you

at your fingertips you have the same level of software functions as the dealer

Our kits come ready with Calibration and As built files preloaded for you so you don even need to connect online to be able to Program new Virgin Parts